A clean conscience and a dirty mind!

Hello Gentlemen –

All the normal salutations, hope your summer’s going well, etc… Mine’s going wonderfully! Sincerely , I wish you equally good luck in life, if not better. My mainstream work is a tad slow, but no doubt as a result of some slacking I’ve done somewhere, so I’m unconcerned. Actually, it probably had something to do with your slacks and all the work I’ve been doing getting them off of you, and as a result I look forward to having more time to undress you in the future! I’ll save seriousness for the less enjoyable seasons 🙂

Recently, a wonderful and almost erotically altruistic gentleman informed me that I’m selfish in bed (and probably on the sofa, in shower, and on the dining room table as well). I thought about it for a bit, and depending on exactly how one would define selfishness I suppose it’s true. Not intentionally though – I do my best to deliver what I *think* you want, but I’m not a sexual psychic so it’s still on you to tell me if there’s something extra you’re interested in. Your reaction to different things I try might give me clues as to what I need to get you up for my ante, but unless you help me out it’s pretty much a game of hot-or-cold to me. Which is a good amount of fun as far I’m concerned – I get to use your dick as a dowsing rod! But of course, I welcome your input as far as suggested activities or areas of exploration are concerned. Myself? I pretty much know what I want, know that I want a lot of it, and give it my best shot to get as much out of you as I can. If you know me, you already know that 🙂 Interestingly enough, a random quiz a OK Cupid seems to know me pretty well also… I took their mini quiz and got the following results – better than a fortune cookie!

A bit self-centered

You scored 30% selfishness in bed.

Well well, you probably secretly think you are awesome, but are trying desperately to hide it with well-practiced modesty. Regardless, you probably have fooled a lot of your partners into thinking you are quite giving in bed, and the truth is, you can be, but not without a price. You are usually out to get yours too. Maybe try and be a little more giving with no strings attached and you will find that what goes around, comes, and cums, around.

As happy as I am in my selfishness (after all, why would I rely on the kindness of strangers when I can just be the master of my own orgasmic destiny?) I still felt that I should devote a little more time to “giving back”, since this world has been so good to me. So, I spent a little of my down time this evening looking into exactly how I might do that.

I’m pretty into recycling, and I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’m into toys as well. I burn out a lot of motors, and I’m not much of a mechanic, so I’ve had to throw quite a few of them into the dumpster – but no more! Thanks to the Sex Toy Recycling Program, I can happily ship my expired electric lovers of to a much more dignified and environmentally responsible end… knowing that I’m also saving up to 10% off their replacements. But of course, they don’t know that 🙂

Speaking of their replacements. I perused the web for socially conscious causes to support with my sex toy purchases (I suppose I could just donate to a charity as usual, but again, I have my own agenda here.) and didn’t find much encouragement. Instead I found Sinless Touch, which has a very intriguing assortment of goodies available that look as though they’ll provide just the right kind of encouragement for me… and I was shocked to see that they offer buyers the opportunity to donate a portion of the proceeds of their purchase to helping orphans around the world. Seriously, we can save orphans with sex toys! Unfortunately (and as intriguing as their line of organic lubricants is), I don’t think I could actually get myself to *use* anything that I bought from that site… at least not until I manage to shake thoughts of sad, teary eyed children out of my head -what a buzzkill. I would much rather head over to the Sex Toy Loft, which donates a part of it’s proceeds to the slightly less unsexy BP oil spill… as if BP needs *more* money to entice them to fix the problems created by their own greed. Sex Toy Loft also boasts a hefty line of organic and edible massage oils. I’m planning to stock up on a few and bring them down to NY with me, so that my girl and I can grease up and slide around like hopelessly horny Gulf Coast wildlife.

And as for NY 🙂 I’ll be back in the city in July, but only after I make several other stops around New England, several of which may interest you. The most immediate in my mind and on my calendar is Boston where I’ll be this coming weekend! Rather than hide myself away at my favorite hotel (which may have a rival actually, the renovation at Nine-Zero came out excellently but the parking is still a hassle), I instead am looking forward to spending some time licking some art off of my favorite blonde… I think I finally smoothed out all the bumps in my body paint recipe 🙂

~Mme X~

Alayah Sashu Oil Spills brought to you by PornHub


4 Responses to “A clean conscience and a dirty mind!”

  1. Bernie Says:

    Doez Alayau Sashu have a beautiful ass or what? Allmost as beautiful as the MADAME’s !
    At first that’s who I thought it was but the nipples were not as suculent as the MADAMEs.
    Have fun and be careful. Someday I’ll catch you and oil your butt which looks like a great turn on.

  2. admin Says:

    Yes, my nipples are often lubricated but never duplicated 🙂 And thanks for the great compliment of comparing my butt to Alayah’s – She’s got a *phenomenal* bubble.

  3. Bernie Says:

    So you were sitting on the butt response. (Ha punn) I didn’t think that you were that attentive to suiters comments. I checked your schedule and after NEW haven (tuesday) you must proceed up to Salem ( Is that Massachusetts?). If you’re going up 95 and need a lunch date New Bedford is on the way. The harbor is filled with fish ready to EAT and pretty damn good to boot.

  4. Steven Says:

    I admire a woman who knows what she likes in bed and is inclined to share 🙂

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