Define “Sexy”

Hello Gentlemen –

I added a new gallery to the photos page, go ahead and take a look. What do you think?

I was actually on the fence about posting those photos… not simply because some of them portray the questionable act of vandalism (in my defense that spray can was empty, I found it on the tracks), but because it’s a little out of the ordinary of what I’ve posted here so far, and certainly out of the ordinary from what you might find on the usual site of a lady of the night…

(That, and the photo quality is a little off. We do what we can, right?)

No need to flatter me with feigned exclusivity, I know that you roll around the internet like a normal red blooded male (or female) and check out other women’s websites. I’m sure you’re immediately drawn to the photos page, where within a few clicks you can admire some beauty… and perhaps you’re comforted by seeing the cute girls curled up in a bed in the usual boudoir fashion, or dressed to the nines in an evening dress as if to prove to you how comfortable they would be rubbing elbows with the elite at your next charity gala. Or, perhaps you’re bored with all that? I know I am!

Not that I don’t roll around in bed regularly, or clean up well and converse formidably at black tie events (I will allow myself one pat on the back and say that I’m better than many in that regard), but I certainly don’t need pictures to prove it. I’m a complete woman, and while I do roll from the boardroom to the bedroom to the ballroom on a regular basis, I go a lot of places in between, and that’s what I’d like to show you 🙂

No doubt you do to. You know that you’re much more than just your occupation, you’ve got interests outside of work. Well, so do I, not that that would ever shock a thinking man. One of my interests is shooting artistic photos (and video, but I haven’t posted any… yet) whenever I get the chance.

Most of them don’t get seen here, for a few reasons. First off, at this point I am almost certain that I have more photos of myself than I’ll ever see. I edit very little, because I don’t have time for more. Second, while I know that depending on what the camera does for me on any given day I can look really sexy, I don’t really do most of my photoshoots *trying* to look sexy. Most of the time, I’m shooting art for art’s sake. Sure, that sounds pretentious, and on some level I bet it is. I even have photos of myself wearing a raspberry beret, for chrissakes, so I know I hit the pretentious artist vibe often 🙂

Most times though, I’m just trying to have fun. I do have a lot of fun! Rolling around in the mud, tangling myself up in strings of pearls, and running through the woods with reckless abandon like the woodnymph I wish I was. I’ll happily get down and dirty in the name of artistic expression (or for no good reason at all) any day. I know you love a dirty girl, don’t you? I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it that I clean up pretty well too, lol.

Seriously though, about this last batch of photos… too much for you all? Are they quirky in a sexy kind of way, or just too crazy for the ultra-refined attitude of this lifestyle? Should I stick to yet another set of shots of me in a hotel bed, or show off my latest Ralph Lauren evening gown… or would you guys rather see me as I really am, running up and down the train tracks wearing black vinyl?

I figure that if you really want to see what I look like in bed, you could always invite me into yours 🙂

~Mme X~


4 Responses to “Define “Sexy””

  1. Robert Says:

    I like them. They are a nice change of pace.

  2. Carmina Kai Says:

    Love the photos!! I think what’s sexiest is when you can catch a glimpse of a girl’s personality through her pictures, and I can definitely see some of yours in these. Too many people get caught up in “glamour shots” and boudoir-style photography, so it’s really refreshing to see someone doing something for creative value rather than as a sexual commodity (though your photos are very hot too!). Keep it up and hope to see more!!

  3. Zoey Starzetti Says:

    I love your unique creativity!
    I feel like your personality really shines through &
    A bit of something new always spices things up!
    Artistic and out of the ordinary are very sexy ..

    Looking forward to seeing you again!


  4. Rob Says:

    I really liked the “graffiti” photos – it shows your creativity (as Zoey said above) and your ability to think out of the box. The colors were also complimentary to you and were also unique, raw and “real world”, something you generally cannot get in staged photos.

    Hope you made it out of there OK!

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