For Your Viewing Pleasure

And I’m sure you’re just dying to know what I look like, aren’t you? Well here I am.

I do my best to update my photos frequently, so keep an eye on this page to see my latest look!

*Madame X

Shh… It’s a library! No, seriously, this is a library – I’m not usually one for such exhibitionism, but when the stars are aligned… there’s no telling where I might end up. Naked.

Just your regular run-of-the-mill vandal, right? this is what happens when I’m bored on tour and find myself staying next to a train tunnel with miles of excellent graffiti! Maybe your strict supervision would keep this sexy little miscreant out of trouble… or maybe you’d rather go wild with me 🙂

I’m learning the ropes! I actually did all of these ties myself 🙂

Green is my favorite color, but I’ve been told I look best in red. So here’s a little of both!

You know how much I love the casino 🙂 I really meant to have these up here before the last party, but it looks like they’ll be plenty of time for you to oggle them over before the next one! Part 2 coming soon…

And Part 2 is here 🙂 Now with 20% more skin!

Rhapsody in Blue… not very much blue, but still blue nonetheless. I love it, thank you 🙂

Two sets of stockings… which do you prefer?

I’m told my best assets are behind me. Butt seriously… I hope you like these photos 🙂

Anyone care for a Jolly Roger?