A little Spice, be it naughty or nice!

Like a huge elephant sitting in the living room under the Christmas tree, I simply can’t help but write a post about this holiday season…

Dear Santa –

I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve been a very, very, naughty girl. Of course, you knew that already… and I think you like it when I’m bad. Or at least, you seem to like it, unless you’ve taken to carrying around a giant candy cane in your pants!

Anyway, I figure that tandem spanking that you and Mrs. Claus delivered to my ass last night pretty much got me off the hook for all my naughtiness this year. She really got into it, calling me a ho ho ho and everything – did you spike the eggnog or something? My cheeks were as red as Rudolph’s nose! They’re still a little sore, so I’m writing you a letter rather than climbing into your lap to tell you what I want this year, since I still can’t quite sit down. But that night with Mrs Claus

Santa, this year, I want a doll. I know that doesn’t seem like the right kind of toy for a girl my age, but I want a special type of doll. I want her to be beautiful, with lush butter soft brown skin and smooth curves in all the right places. I want her to have sparkly big brown eyes and full lips that beg to be bitten, and a nice round ass that jiggles like a bowl full of jelly when I slap it. I want her to have perfectly perky breasts to fit in each of my hands when I kiss her, and pointy little nipples to pinch whenever I feel like it. Please hang some ornaments on her too, like a belly ring, a tongue ring, and maybe a clit ring as well.

I want my doll to have a laugh that’s light and airy like tinsel and a smile that shines brighter than the North Star. I want her to have a tongue hot enough to melt all the ice on the North Pole! And I want her to love to use it on me, and on you too, Santa.

I don’t want to be naughty all by myself this year Santa, so please bring me Kassidy and tuck her under the tree for me. If you do, I promise to be good and let you stuff my stocking whenever you want. I know you’ll like her too! No need to wrap her up for me, I’m just going to rip it all off as soon as she gets here anyway 🙂

Merry Christmas,


Fantasy letters aside, the old adage stands true – if you wan’t something done, best do it yourself! So, in case that senile old man in a red suit *forgot* to get you that amazingly juicy double dip you were wishing for all year long, let’s put a date on your calendar 🙂

Just a heads up, it looks like we’ll be entertaining Rhode Island together shortly after the new year…

2 Responses to “A little Spice, be it naughty or nice!”

  1. Zoey Starzetti Says:

    Those bows are a perfect naughty touch!

    I bet Santa is backed up in requests
    for such smooth, luscious, Chocolates.

    This year Santa secretly plans to halt all deliveries.
    He wants his finely packaged chocolates all to himself.

    Maybe, just maybe, this year,
    Mrs. Claus will share 😉

  2. Carmina Kai Says:

    Love the strategically placed bows ;). Hope you naughty things were extra nice to each other when you took them off!

    Now I want to see what you have planned for Valentine’s Day!

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