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The Allure of Opera

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Hello Gentlemen –

Of course, best wishes for you as always! This summer has been spectacular, and I’m looking forward to taking in the last of it before I have to get ready to settle into September. Still, I have a few things coming together that will have me looking forward to fall. Another visit to Worcester, some time in Chicago (although I may have to abbreviate that visit, as I’ve got some things that I can’t leave unattended in Boston) and we’ll have to see what else! Keep an eye on my calendar 🙂

While I have to admit that I don’t much care for opera (at least recorded opera, I’ve been to a few shows that I have actually enjoyed watching… and I’m told that when handled the right way I can be quite a singer myself, if you’d like to treat yourself to such a performance), I also have to admit to myself that I do have a penchant for opera gloves. I’m forced to face this fact looking at my underwear drawer – I have many pairs, ranging from the basic black (and thank you for those, btw, as I now have velvet, suede *and* satin) all the way through to neon green lace. So many in fact, that they’re beginning to crowd out my panties… I’m on the lookout for a caddy for them, so that they can perhaps hang nicely next to my shoe collection (and thank you for those too!).

A generous gentleman recently questioned me as to the allure of opera gloves – and honestly, aside from acknowledging their inherent and undeniable sexiness, I hadn’t really given the matter much thought. Most of my own personal enjoyment comes from the tactile sensations of satin or velvet against my skin while I touch myself… and I do enjoy sharing those feelings with whoever I decide to touch! I’m a woman of simple pleasures 🙂

The visual impact of gloves is also tremendous. As most of you probably already know and have witnessed first hand, I’m an avid stocking enthusiast. Opera gloves are like stockings for arms! While I’m frequently complimented on my long ladylike fingers (and to answer your unspoken question, I have no idea where to begin on a piano – I imagine my hands were given to me to make me more adept at typing) I also like the way they look in gloves, and often try to coordinate my legwear and armwear if I’m going out for an evening of exhibition. Stockings and gloves -  a fun way to indulge in the pleasures of lingerie without hiding any of the juicy bits.

Of course, in the right situations, gloves can mean so much more. The sight of them invokes thoughts of sophistication and elegance, confidence and control. While wearing gloves, a woman can touch you *without actually touching you*… after all, her skin never touched yours. She initiated contact, but there is no real touch. She could slap you, and never actually feel the impact herself. Denying the sensation of real skin keeps control in the hands of the wearer and wielder of the gloves, and such an element of impersonality in an otherwise intimate setting can be eerily erotic at times (if you like screwing around with strangers – and it shouldn’t surprise you that I do!). Power dynamics may not be your thing, but at least we can all agree that gloves are beautiful 🙂

And then it gets really kinky 🙂 I’m not saying that it’s something I do often or all the time, but I have, in the past (probably in the future as well) been to (at least) a *few* orgies. It’s a great time, depending on what you’re in the mood for. The thing I like most about group sex is that you can get whatever you’re in the mood for, and leave all the worries of what other people want to whoever else wants to do whatever that is. Ultimate indulgence! However, as easy as it is to lose yourself in the moment as many times as possible, it’s also important to remember your responsibility to yourself. Safety first! In addition to the more mundane methods, I like to spice things up with a pair of latex opera gloves. Much sexier than the dime a dozen alternative, don’t you think? It’s a shame though – I lost my last pair, and a beautiful black vibrator, at a ridiculously mind blowing event in CT. It was well worth it, though – of that I have no doubts. I started out with an amazingly hot Brazilian couple who had just moved startlingly close to me (I didn’t want to weird them out and tell them that I knew their neighbors quite well), and via a hot tub, stripper pole, spanking paddle, and pool table, found myself in the morning with a really nice Italian girl who was sporting a red dress and a spectacular rack. Along the way, I picked up the best relationship counselor ever (a marriage counselor by profession, who *really* enjoys helping lesbians work out their problems… go figure), and overall had a fantastic time. Would I do it again? Get me another pair of latex gloves, and find out 🙂

~Mme X~

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According to the numbers *part deux*

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Hello Gentlemen –

Spring is in the air, for sure! Hope your weekend was as great as mine 🙂 I came back in from the city on Thursday night, where I was unfortunately unable to hook up with my continual Dominican hook-up partner, but I *was* finally able to put my shiny, skin tight, silver jumpsuit to good use all the same. Good times! I’ll be back in the city at some point in June, but I’m not sure when… maybe you can help me make up my mind? Get in touch with your suggestions, and maybe we can arrange to get in touch in person.

I’ll be back in Boston around the 1st for a few things, and in Hartford on the 21st and 22nd as well… Aside from that, my travels are pretty minimal at the current moment, as I’m trying to keep enough leisure time for myself to make use of the beauty that is Western Mass in the summer 🙂 Looking ahead into the fall however, I’ll be doing my best to arrange for some more time in Chicago – usually business dictates my travels, but so far this trip looks like it will be purely for pleasure. I’m excited to go… and hopefully I can get you excited as well! There’s plenty of time for you to place yourself on my itinerary.

While I’m wonderfully happy to be a woman (or else what would I do with the Trigasm?), I do field quite a few questions from you men on a subject that I find somewhat foreign – penis size. If I were a guy, I probably would probably stay up many a night wondering if I measured up… but as a woman, I’d be thrilled if you can keep it up all night! Sorry if that answers *none* of your questions, but it’s the honest truth as far as I’m concerned – size really doesn’t matter as much as you think. When I consider what I’m going to do with a man and his erotic appendage, the devil is in the details… curvature is just as important as length and girth. If it curves up, I’m ready to jump on it for a little cowgirl action. Does it curve down? I’ll enthusiastically suggest some doggy style. And if I’m lucky enough to find a man with excellent muscle control (stand in front of a mirror and try flexing whatever muscles control that thing until you can get it to spin in circles – watch Borat for a rather exaggerated and disturbing demonstration of what I’m talking about, lol), then such a man may also be lucky enough to find me with my ankles behind his neck while I cry out for God and pretend to be a missionary 🙂

So, while I enjoy a challenge and won’t back down from Cockzilla, function is really more important than form in my… book? What I’m trying to say is that satisfying sex can be delivered by any sized schlong. But if you’re one of those guys that really can’t stand open ended answers, let’s see what some statisticians say on the subject –

Even though this is clearly the *authentic* penis size preference chart, I have no idea who they asked to gather these numbers. I’m not questioning their scientific methods really, but I think that more insight could be derived from the study if we were to examine more about the women questioned. I’ve got a strap on harness that accommodates a wide array of dildos, and would be happy to do further research 🙂

~Mme X~

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Rediscovering the Not-so-Lost Art of Voyeurism

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

Hello Gentlemen –

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays! I unfortunately missed the last day of guaranteed Christmas delivery from Extreme Restraints, so I’m afraid a few of my gifts will have to be delivered in person when I get back after New Year’s… I hope you don’t mind 🙂

Beyond that, I’m happy to say that I made my list, checked it twice, am totally done with being nice and ready to get naughty. There’s something so liberating about both fulfilling and freeing yourself from all these holiday obligations… and since you were good enough to spend all that time taking care of others, now it’s time to do something good for yourself, right? Let’s erase all of that Xmas stress with some XXXmas action!

I usually like to hold off on making plans for the New Year until it finally hits, but there’s a few things approaching my calendar in January that warrant a little bit of advance acknowledgment. First off, I’ll be doing my best to head out to Chicago to wish one of my kinky Capricorn friends a ridiculously happy birthday, and I’d love to give and receive a few extra spankings while I’m out there. Man, it’s been a *long* time since I was in the windy city – But luckily the internet tells me that Tru is still around, and still serving their soup out of Versace coffee cups (which I must confess I find oddly charming in their hideousness and despite my usual aesthetic tastes have involuntarily learned to love them – maybe it’s just me?). I also had some amazingly good oyster shots there once, but I can’t remember the place… any assistance from a local tongue that loves to taste exotic flavors? Oh, and if you could recommend a well-stocked raw bar as well, that would be great 🙂 I’m planning on getting into Chicago sometime on the 11th and hanging around until the 16th, so be sure to be in touch if you’d like to, um, get in touch…

Before I leave, though, you may also notice on the calendar that I’ll be extending a select few (if even so many) invitations to visit me in Western Mass on the 6th and 7th… and yes, that means incall 🙂 Feel like dropping by to lose a few hours with me? I’d love the company! I’ve also got some things to do in New Haven that week as well, and am happy to offer a similar arrangement – I’m just not sure which day yet, but you’re welcome to contact me if you have an opinion on the matter 🙂

I’ve even got my eye out for February as well, as my best friend reminded me that Cinekink is coming up in NYC! For those of you who *aren’t* up on the scene of erotic cinema, Cinekink is one of the largest fetish film festivals running the circuits today. I’m sure you know that I fully embrace many forms of sexuality (and a little sexual deviance as well), and I’m definitely looking forward to the movies… about half as much as I’m looking forward to the after parties 🙂 It’s a ton of fun – as wild as Sundance, but much, much kinkier! I can indulge myself with a little voyeurism watching interesting scenarios on screen, and maybe if I’m feeling frisky I can seduce a few of my fellow festival goers into reenacting a few of my favorites after… How would you like to be my guest? I could use someone to hold on to in case something scary (or incredibly sexy) comes on to the screen – of course, in a darkened theater, no one will know exactly *what* part of you I’m holding on to. Of course, that’s our business, lol. Or, if you don’t trust yourself enough to keep your eyes on the screen while I’m within groping distance, you could try to convince me to skip the after party and we’ll plan our own private showing! Cinekink runs from February 16th to the 21st, but I’ll mostly likely be hanging around for a few days afterward to work out my kinks before heading home… and you’re welcome to help with that if you’d like.

If the idea of having the mysterious Madame X clinging to you in a darkened theater makes you think long and hard about possible excuses to escape to NYC, there is a second and much more flexible option. As you know, I’m an avid admirer of the sex on the silver screen… and while I usually prefer to enjoy fine skinematic works in the comfort of my own home (and my favorite toys), I occasionally make my way out to the theater to indulge in viewing such pleasures with others. My favorite venue is in Hartford… let me know if you’re in town, we can do dinner, a movie, and dessert 🙂

~Mme X~