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Erotographic Exhibitionism Inside!

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Hello Gentlemen –

Ok, this last heat wave made even me flinch… my maximum temperature is somewhere around 98 degrees. Anything hotter, and I will have to admit defeat! Thankfully, a little rain and a nice cool breeze have come in and brought us back to our regularly scheduled summer, just in time for the habitually hot month of August. I’m fine with that. I very much enjoy August, and I’ll be spending a good week of it out in Upstate NY to go visit some of my favorite places and people! Perhaps you’re lucky enough to count yourself as one of them?

Speaking of my favorite places, I’ve posted a few (emphasis on few) new photos over in the gallery. Can you pick out which ones? Of course more are coming – I just got bored with the black and white thing, and am looking for some more color to add instead. We’ll see what I come up with. In the meantime, enjoy!

As you can probably imagine, I am often asked to share my opinion (and maybe more) on a wide variety of fetishes. Other than a few areas of fascination in my libidinous life, I can’t say that I’m incredibly kinky. I consider myself more experimental than anything else… and yes, I do experiment often, with or without any number of apparatus 🙂 I’ve found a handful of things that I crave intensely, a few things that I enjoy immensely, a bunch of things that are a bunch of fun, and some really interesting stuff. All in all though, I can say that I’ve come across some ridiculously fun words to say!

Erotographomania – a strong and sometimes overwhelming desire to write love letters and/or poetry. I can definitely relate to that, (btw, I did notice that is *available*. You, yes you, and how have you been, should really get on that asap) although I more feel like I fall a willing victim to it’s closely related cousin, xenoerotographomania, or the desire to write love letters and or poetry to strangers. If you’ve ever wondered how I can keep posting such exhaustive blog posts and still answer every worthwhile inquiry with in-depth interest, there’s your answer – mania. Or a strong, sometimes overwhelming desire… doesn’t that sound more enticing?

I’ve received some pretty racy emails also, so I know I’m not the only one with this occasional obsession. I enjoy reading erotic literature, whether or not it is personally written for me (although I especially enjoy those that are!). I do wonder though, would reading other people’s love letters be considered erotographic voyeurism?

~Mme X~

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The Allure of Opera

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Hello Gentlemen –

Of course, best wishes for you as always! This summer has been spectacular, and I’m looking forward to taking in the last of it before I have to get ready to settle into September. Still, I have a few things coming together that will have me looking forward to fall. Another visit to Worcester, some time in Chicago (although I may have to abbreviate that visit, as I’ve got some things that I can’t leave unattended in Boston) and we’ll have to see what else! Keep an eye on my calendar 🙂

While I have to admit that I don’t much care for opera (at least recorded opera, I’ve been to a few shows that I have actually enjoyed watching… and I’m told that when handled the right way I can be quite a singer myself, if you’d like to treat yourself to such a performance), I also have to admit to myself that I do have a penchant for opera gloves. I’m forced to face this fact looking at my underwear drawer – I have many pairs, ranging from the basic black (and thank you for those, btw, as I now have velvet, suede *and* satin) all the way through to neon green lace. So many in fact, that they’re beginning to crowd out my panties… I’m on the lookout for a caddy for them, so that they can perhaps hang nicely next to my shoe collection (and thank you for those too!).

A generous gentleman recently questioned me as to the allure of opera gloves – and honestly, aside from acknowledging their inherent and undeniable sexiness, I hadn’t really given the matter much thought. Most of my own personal enjoyment comes from the tactile sensations of satin or velvet against my skin while I touch myself… and I do enjoy sharing those feelings with whoever I decide to touch! I’m a woman of simple pleasures 🙂

The visual impact of gloves is also tremendous. As most of you probably already know and have witnessed first hand, I’m an avid stocking enthusiast. Opera gloves are like stockings for arms! While I’m frequently complimented on my long ladylike fingers (and to answer your unspoken question, I have no idea where to begin on a piano – I imagine my hands were given to me to make me more adept at typing) I also like the way they look in gloves, and often try to coordinate my legwear and armwear if I’m going out for an evening of exhibition. Stockings and gloves -  a fun way to indulge in the pleasures of lingerie without hiding any of the juicy bits.

Of course, in the right situations, gloves can mean so much more. The sight of them invokes thoughts of sophistication and elegance, confidence and control. While wearing gloves, a woman can touch you *without actually touching you*… after all, her skin never touched yours. She initiated contact, but there is no real touch. She could slap you, and never actually feel the impact herself. Denying the sensation of real skin keeps control in the hands of the wearer and wielder of the gloves, and such an element of impersonality in an otherwise intimate setting can be eerily erotic at times (if you like screwing around with strangers – and it shouldn’t surprise you that I do!). Power dynamics may not be your thing, but at least we can all agree that gloves are beautiful 🙂

And then it gets really kinky 🙂 I’m not saying that it’s something I do often or all the time, but I have, in the past (probably in the future as well) been to (at least) a *few* orgies. It’s a great time, depending on what you’re in the mood for. The thing I like most about group sex is that you can get whatever you’re in the mood for, and leave all the worries of what other people want to whoever else wants to do whatever that is. Ultimate indulgence! However, as easy as it is to lose yourself in the moment as many times as possible, it’s also important to remember your responsibility to yourself. Safety first! In addition to the more mundane methods, I like to spice things up with a pair of latex opera gloves. Much sexier than the dime a dozen alternative, don’t you think? It’s a shame though – I lost my last pair, and a beautiful black vibrator, at a ridiculously mind blowing event in CT. It was well worth it, though – of that I have no doubts. I started out with an amazingly hot Brazilian couple who had just moved startlingly close to me (I didn’t want to weird them out and tell them that I knew their neighbors quite well), and via a hot tub, stripper pole, spanking paddle, and pool table, found myself in the morning with a really nice Italian girl who was sporting a red dress and a spectacular rack. Along the way, I picked up the best relationship counselor ever (a marriage counselor by profession, who *really* enjoys helping lesbians work out their problems… go figure), and overall had a fantastic time. Would I do it again? Get me another pair of latex gloves, and find out 🙂

~Mme X~

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According to the numbers

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Hello Gentlemen –

Hope things have been going well for you! It’s just about time for me to show you my Maypole dance, lol. Actually, I’ve found that I’m really not half bad at pole dancing (yes, I do get a little unruly at strip clubs, but interestingly enough I didn’t find out there!) and I’ve been tossing around the idea of getting one for my living room. If nothing else, it would make quite the conversation piece – both for me and my peeping-tom neighbor! He’s wonderful though, and lets me get off on my voyeuristic streak as well when he brings his hot blonde wife into the kitchen with him for a little over-the-counter action, lol. Even though the fact that we never speak is half the fun, I definitely have a question for him – does his wife actually know I’m watching? While visually I’m just enjoying the show and having a hell of a great time doing it, somewhere my conscience twinges a little… but really, I know that she has to know. For one, I’m sitting in the window. But, does she know that he watches me when she’s not there?I hope so… and I also wish that she’d leave her bedroom light on and give me a solo show sometime, just to let me know that things are cool between us 🙂

As if karma conspired to keep me asking such questions, I stumbled upon this graphic on the internet. I could paraphrase it, but it’s more colorful and engaging if I just let you see it for yourself! I love statistics 🙂

So, the numbers pretty much speak for themselves. A few things I noticed –

  • Women are twice as likely to lie about having an affair than men are
  • If you’re going to cheat on your spouse, consider moving to Maryland, and stay out of Michigan
  • 22% of women would rather drunk dial their annoying ex than have to go through teaching a random bar pickup how to eat pussy (I’m guilty on that one), while 23% of men have more confidence in the sexual prowess of complete strangers (let me know how that works out for you guys?)
  • 10% of the general populous has yet to see those horrible tabloid pics of Angelina Jolie without makeup.
  • A woman who insists on monogamy should be looking for the poorest man she can find.
  • 40% of women cheat because they want more emotional attention… and the other 60% just want you to leave them alone so that they can get back in bed with the neighbors.
  • 11% of women are so happy that they caught their husbands cheating, because now it takes the heat off of them!
  • 20% of women lie about frequently fantasizing about Tyson Beckford.
  • Seriously, more than 90% of people still meet their sexual partners offline? I suddenly feel like *such* a nerd…
  • And of course online affairs are addicting. Let’s ask each other how we know, right?

~Mme X~

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Sweet Seduction

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Hello Gentlemen –

Hope you all enjoyed your Easter! Even if you don’t believe in Zombie Christ (I’m Catholic, so yes I proudly worship the undead messiah, thank you very much), it was still a beautiful day to be enjoyed by all :) And glad to say that it just keeps getting better! I stopped by one of my favorite place to get lost today, and spent a good part of the afternoon being relieved that spring rain is at least 15x warmer than fall rain, which means I can now enjoy a walk regardless of precipitation. Besides, if the rain gets really heavy out there, there’s a silent movie theater to run to. A great way to wait out any storm! That’s my second favorite movie theater to go to, after the skinema in Hartford.

I love to go get lost… nowhere is a wonderful place to be, and I enjoy having no one around to prevent me from feeling the freedom of anonymity. Of course, it’s possible to still explore a different version of that same circumstance while running through megatropolis – such as NY. Only once, in all my thousands of trips down to the subway have I ever actually run into someone I knew (subway musicians don’t count!) and I’m told even that is quite the anomaly! And btw, I’ll be back in the city the week after next (4/18 – 4/20), looking forward to running through streets full of strangers… and maybe tracking down a few of my favorite friends as well :) I missed going to the Met last time – instead, I chose to oggle naked modern art.

Speaking of naked modern art! I know it’s incredibly impolite to kiss and tell, but a girl can’t be a lady all the time… and so I have to tell you gentlemen (who I know would *never* submit to such an uncouth urge as to tell everyone on the internet what you did with whom) at least a little bit about the torrid tryst that I shared with my hot Dominican girl :) She’s not my girlfriend, she’s barely even a friend these days as our work schedules seem to conspire to keep us in separate cities – I hadn’t seen her for nearly a year! Luckily, I have a fetish for sleeping with strangers, lol. I didn’t waste a minute thinking about the time gone by, and apparently neither did she.

One thing I love about her is that she is incredibly kinky, and fortunately we have quite a few kinks in common. Of course, her wild spontaneous attitude helped to win me over as well, never mind her fantastic ass! I had waited patiently in the city most of the week  until she returned from a business trip to another city, and on Friday night I finally got her call. She asked me if I wanted to go out to someplace nice where we could really show ourselves off – but when I pressed for details as to where she was planning for us to go and what we might do there, it became clear that she wasn’t actually intending to leave the house once I got there! I figured that left me a little bit of liberty and decided to dress for fun rather than functionality… and put on a candy bikini 🙂 I also made sure to wrap up my candy whip and take it along as well, if for no other reason besides it’s inherent deliciousness! To cover up all my naughtiness, I put on a risque-but-still-respectable dress, a pair of peeptoe pumps with heels only slightly higher than normal, and a pair of feathered fake eyelashes which took me nearly an hour to put on straight. The ridiculous things we do to impress girls, right? Once I arrived at her place though, I was so happy I put in the extra effort, as she clearly had as well – gold lipstick and a leather bustier which I soon found out was covering up some carefully applied gold nipple gloss.

We happily greeted each other, and almost immediately after our initial embrace she declared that I was stressed out from travel, and that she should relax me with a massage and warm glass… which I’ll admit *was* quite relaxing. I had had it in my head on the way up there that I was going to ask to take her out to dinner, but before I even had a chance she was already on to desert, taking cartons of green apple and blackberry sorbet out of the freezer and hot fudge syrup out of the microwave, and before I knew it we had made sundaes out of each other and eaten as much as we could 🙂 I spent most of the next day in the shower with her while we washed chocolate out of our hair (above and below, lol) but I certainly wouldn’t want to complain about that either!

~Mme X~

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Mind Fuck

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Hello Gentlemen –

Just in case you hadn’t noticed – and I’m sure most of you have – I posted a new gallery of photos up this week for you to enjoy! I hope you like them 🙂 They were a lot of fun to make as well! I love taking photos… probably nearly half as much as I hate editing them. I don’t do much, but I do go in a bit and crop for composition (and privacy also – I swear I’m not really headless, lol) correct lighting where I can, balance the color channels, and convert the file format so I can upload it. I could do a ton of fancy stuff like add glitter and change the backdrop over to a nice, sunset bathed beach, but really I would rather achieve the better effect and save myself editing time by actually wearing the glitter or lounging on an actual beach, lol.

But, since I’m on the subject, let me say a few words about photo accuracy. First being – please don’t be an idiot. You have eyes, right? You’ve seen stuff with them, right? Hopefully enough to be able to draw reasonable conclusions about what you’re seeing, and perhaps venture educated guesses about how the same subject might look in different settings? Great! So don’t expect me to appear before you with harsh back lighting to my legs look pencil thin and my skin chalk-white. That only happens when I stand in an Eastern-facing window at 6am. And I’m not going to show up to your house covered in mud either. That only happens… well, under certain circumstances 🙂 Anyway, my point is that I like exposing my creativity as well as just exposing myself in general. There should be more than enough photos here to give you an *excellent* idea of what I really look like… at 6am, covered in mud, or wearing white stockings while sitting on your desk. The rest, I’m leaving up to your imagination… at least until I get motivated and edit more photos 🙂

And imagination goes a long way, doesn’t it? While I’m totally happy being myself and spending quality time getting to know you (intimately, I hope), I also enjoy letting our imaginations run a little wild to add an extra dimension of fun to our rendezvous. I’ll admit to being a bit of the cerebral sort, and while I do thoroughly enjoy banging your brains out over and over again, I also strongly believe that a little intellectual stimulation can lead to the most mind blowing orgasms 🙂 I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I’m into role play, especially with the right players! I have a slight fascination with all things theatrical – especially costumes. I have *so* many, it’s embarrassing how little closet space I have left, even though I have relatively small selection of street legal clothes! And a little odd considering that my favorite role to play is one with fairly few frills… your sexy secretary!

Even though I have never actually been a secretary (and I make a terrible employee, so no indecent proposals from you, lol) and most of my knowledge of what actually happens in an office comes from second hand info and sitcoms, I’ve kind of always wanted to be. Not to get too deep into the office dynamic, but the role of the secretary sort of straddles the line of the power dynamic. It’s a position of power because she has knowledge and control of all the details that run the office, and access to all the dirt necessary to derail things if she chooses. It’s also submissive position, because we all know that the secretary has no job to do aside from keeping up with her boss’s affairs, and all her hard work is for no reason other than to gain his approval (and to prove that she deserves to get a raise from him, lol). That delicious dichotomy is the perfect playground for some sensual play, IMO. Maybe it’s because I’m known as such a prude in my day job, the whole topic of workplace affairs is so terribly taboo for me. Maybe a few of you can relate… and even if you can’t, I’m sure you’ll find some sexy incentive to indulge me 🙂

In all the times that I’ve played the sexy secretary, no two scenarios were exactly (even remotely, now that I think of it) alike. One of my most memorable experiences was almost completely accidental – a gentleman and I had gone out together and were in the company of a few of his colleagues, and for lack of a better cover story I was introduced under the guise that I was his former secretary from a position that he had held a few years prior. Everything went quite smoothly through the evening… and we went through many, many positions over the course of the night 🙂 Fun times!

~Mme X~

I could go on forever, but really, I’d rather watch porn… enjoy!

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Yeah, about DC…

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Hello Gentlemen –

Hope your weekend went well, mine definitely did 🙂 This week however, is suddenly going *much* differently than I had planned! It’s not overly positive or negative, really. On the up side, my day job is going well and treating me excellently, but on the down side… I won’t be in DC this week. I’m pretty disappointed by that, and I’m sure I’m not the only one? Next time, I’ll make it up to you for sure!

Instead, I’ll be in Boston on Tuesday, and will probably stay until Thursday at least. It’s a business thing, so while I’m always happy to meet you at the place of your choosing, I won’t be able to invite you over, as I’ll have colleagues annoyingly underfoot. Of course, everyone I work with knows that I’m a grown woman and entitled to make my own decisions, but I really don’t think that banging the bed against my boss’s wall is good professional conduct 🙂 If you would prefer to wait for an invitation rather than invite me out, there’s hope for you – I had actually planned to spend a few days in town with my girlfriend *next* week, as we have a social engagement to attend, and dresses to buy for such an occasion. We’ll probably pick up matching panties as well… but you’ll have to catch us after the party to find out what they look like! She’s got to run off for the weekend, but we should be in town together from the 6th – 9th. Anyway, I’ll be updating the calendar in a minute or two (and if you’re reading this, then it’s most likely done already), so you can find out exactly what my Boston itinerary is. Of course, if you see a day you’d like in between my trips, you’re always welcome to get in touch to fill in my gap!

I’m also looking to get back to Maine, things went well last time, both work and pleasure 🙂 You’ll see me again up there soon! Portland definitely, and perhaps Bangor as well.

One of my old friends recently asked me if I still smoke (cigarettes, lol), and of course my knee-jerk reaction is to say no, and that I quit when I left school. It’s true, I no longer smoke habitually now that I have a better job that doesn’t make me want to use nicotine as an excuse to get out of my office for a few minutes (It’s interesting that one can crave smoke and fresh air at the same time, lol). But to say the I *never* smoke, that would be a lie. After a few drinks out with friends, a cigarette can be pretty neat – although I usually get bored of it and put it out before the end, depending on my level of intoxication. And after sex? I’m sure even those who *never* smoke can understand the satisfaction of the post-coital cigarette.

Still, I enjoy smoking as an art (and I enjoy the art in most things – I’m needlessly appreciative of many mundane aspects of life, lol) and will indulge occasionally. I have a collection of cigarette holders of varying lengths, antique lighters from the 20’s and 40’s, and cigarette cases galore. The imagery of smoking appeals to me, probably a result of spending way to much time watching old film-noir movies where femmes-fatale wrap their richly colored lips around long thin cigarette holders and bat their mascara-laden eyelashes, shadowed by clouds of smoke. Smoking is a habit of pure decadence, just like all the pearls, furs and opera length suede gloves (I have so many pairs of opera gloves, and I don’t even like opera) that are always so popular in cinematic smoking scenes. And as long as you can keep your mind off of the long term health impact of inhaling smoke, it can be pretty hot to watch a woman with a cigarette – actually, it’s pretty hot to watch most women do *anything* with their mouths, really. But women can smoke in public!

I have a couple guy friends that smoke, and one in particular… while all of my guy friends are really only friends (I’m a wikid tomboy, but I hope most of you can agree that I clean up pretty well?) I do have one that I wonder about sometimes… only when he smokes though. He blows quite the array of smoke rings! Circles, squares, blowing circles *through* squares – it’s pretty impressive. It gets my mind wandering off down dangerously naughty paths – that must be an amazing tongue he’s hiding in that mouth! And he does have a gorgeous smile as well 🙂 But then he’ll stub out his cigarette and probably scratch his balls or something equally as unsexy, and ask me whether or not I have plans for Saturday as he could use a hand pulling the engine out of his truck or bathing his herd of dogs, and my mind snaps right back to where it should be, lol.

Really though, I’ve only got my mind on this topic because I was watching this video… I’m sure you can understand. Normally I’m not one for large and/or fake boobs, but these look rather nice!

~Mme X~