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Time for Travels!

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Hello Gentlemen –

Looks like summer’s finally in full swing! If the rain holds off a few more days, I’ll be happily on my way into the wilderness to do some diving 🙂 In the meantime, I’ve been doing my best to take advantage of the sun, and catch up on the tan that I *should* have had already.  I have so many cute bikinis that have yet to see the beach!

Hopefully they’ll get some beach time in August… I’ll be up on the rocks of Portsmouth from the 4-7th. I still have unfinished ice cream business with the Beach Plum from last year – I demand to know how they make their ginger ice cream so godd*mned delicious! Best I’ve ever had, seriously. And they always have new flavors to become my new favorite, we’ll see how well ginger holds up this time around 🙂 I haven’t tried that Green Monster flavor they have there, and I am intrigued…

Even though I really don’t want to think about anything that may happen after August 31st (this summer’s gonna last forever!), I’m kind of excited to start planning my first trip this September with my girlfriend. I’m the planning sort, and she’s a bit of the free spirit type (or perhaps still stuck in the Jamrock time zone – if you’ve ever waited for a bus in Jamaica, you understand) , so our dates are still highly tentative in nature (I’m working on it). However, there is a party that I really, really want to go to in Philly at the end of September, so I’m nearly 90% certain that you can count on seeing us there from 9/21-9/28. Up until then though, I will be hard at work shopping for shoes that match the new green silk panties that I bought for the occasion. Of course, they’ll be hidden under my dress for the entire evening, but at least *I* will know that I’m properly attired. And yes, my girlfriend does have a matching pair 🙂

Fetishes are a weird thing. While I can’t say that I have many definable kinks, I do indulge in temporary sexual fixations from time to time… and quite frequently, I do suppose. I’ve been feeling quite tactile lately, silk is my favorite feeling of the moment 🙂 But recently I met this girl that has me wanting to shine up some latex bodywear, preferably pre-stretched across the curves of a hot chick…

Not that it’s news to any of you guys, but some of the girls in this little pastime of ours are *smoking hot*… to the point where only a thin veil of shyness is stopping me from picking up the phone and dialing them and asking them to come over and take all of my money, lol. Aside from a few delectable encounters where good and generous gentlemen such as yourselves have kindly introduced us (thank you!), I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting or undressing the ladies that I see listed with me on the provider boards… I guess I just don’t know how they’d respond to a call from a woman.

So anyway, the girl that I’ve been fighting the urge to call this evening (I like to respect the privacy of others, so no names until she gives me her express permission – but feel free to try and venture a guess!) has pics all over her site of her wrapped in an ultra-tight hot pink latex dress… I downloaded one as my new laptop wallpaper 🙂 And it got me thinking about latex clothing. Normally, the thought does nothing for me, but tonight it does wonderfully sexy things… I’m nearly halfway tempted to try squeezing into some latex outfits myself! With something that tight, it’s like being fully dressed and completely naked at the same time… a delicious dichotomy if you ask me.

Unfortunately stores are closed right now, and I’m afraid if I order online I’ll be over my immediate obsession before they arrive. Instead, I’ll just be watching scandalous films… much like this one here, enjoy!

~Mme X~