Art, Science, and More Ways to Destroy Sheets

Hello Gentlemen (and Ladies, I’ve been reminded that there are more than a few of you!) –

So, I just realized that my site is now almost a whole year old! It’s starting to lose that new site smell… and I’m fighting the urge to go and design a new one, for a variety of reasons. First being – sometimes consistency is a good thing. It took me a little bit to redirect all of you wonderful members of my previous audience over here. Even now, 11 months later, I still get the occasional email from a man that is so glad he was able to track me down! I’ll admit that I probably could have tried harder to round up each and every one of you, but I assure you that I limited my efforts only in the name of discretion! Anyway, I don’t want to risk losing any of you wonderful gents again through virtual move. I assure you that the thrill I feel under your touch is much greater than the cheap thrill of registering a new domain name 🙂 Second being – I have so many other projects that really ought to be getting done. I’m known to busy myself with side projects in order to hide from more daunting tasks… a habit I hope I understand well enough to break. Wish me luck! I do intend to give this place a good dusting soon – there’s some cobwebs around the corners, and the Archives list over there on the right is unnecessarily long. I also have hated my calendar plugin for months now… English is not it’s first language.

Most of you have known me longer than this site has been around, and I’m pleased to see that I’ve gotten to know myself a little better over time as well. In the far and distant past (before any of you knew me, lol) I was regarded as quite the artist… but after laying eyes on the mile-high heap of irony that is art school, I happily sloughed all that nonsense off and dived head first into hard science. Still, I love art (and am looking forward to my next trip to the Met, my favorite place in NYC! I’ll be there from the 11th – 14th, in case you want to visit me at my second favorite place in NYC… it’s a hotel), and while I generally relegate myself to enjoying the works of others these days, I occasionally get inspired to pick up the brush again. Especially for body painting!

In knowing myself though… I’ve grown to realize the extent of my fetishes, and watch myself grow in and out of them. I love food. While I do have a healthy appetite (and luckily, a metabolism to match, I can only thank genetics for that) and eat often, I’m talking about something a little less obvious than that. I couldn’t really tell you how far it goes just yet because I’m still exploring myself in this area, but I can tell you that it certainly does go as far as edible lingerie, Jell-o wrestling, human buffet trays and frozen fruit dildos. <—- Yes, that’s what I said.

Last night I was admiring the work done at one of my favorite body painting events, and while I appreciated the artwork and all, this time I wasn’t really as erotically inspired by the idea as I used to be. Then it dawned on me – edible body paint! I’m definitely a DIY kind of girl, so rather than just set out to pick up a nice set of paints from the down the street, I picked through the internet to find the best recipe I could find. After all, I can surf the internet and mix stuff up in the kitchen while I’m completely naked, but I’d have to put on clothes to go to the store 🙂 Plus, I may end up needing a *lot* of paint, and I figured that a little bit of research could save me from many, many more walks to the store later on!

A brief bit of time and several recipes into my search, I decided that this one looks the most promising –

1 packet unflavored gelatin
1/4 cup hot water
1/2 cup cornstarch
1 3/4 hot water
1/4 cup glycerin
food coloring
Flavoring extract

There are several things I like about it – Knowing a bit about Jell-o, glycerin, and cornstarch on their own, I can imagine that together they would create a consistency much like a stiff paint. I’d have to play around with it a bit to get things to *my* perfect levels (when I was painting in a more traditional atmosphere, I used to enjoy using an extremely stiff brush with oiled down paint… and no, it never occurred to me that there was anything even remotely suggestive about that), but it looks much more promising than the others I saw, which used wax, dairy, or oil bases. However, food coloring absorbs into the skin terribly, and I was unable to find a recipe without it. I might try using colored (and flavored!) Jello and see if I can do without additional color, just so I don’t send anyone home with an inexplicable blue tint to their skin… but I was also advised that a bit of baking soda and a shower will remedy the skin staining problem with no worries 🙂

I still haven’t made any up yet… I’m hoping to secure a canvas first. Perhaps you have an idea of where I might be able to find one?

~Mme X~

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2 Responses to “Art, Science, and More Ways to Destroy Sheets”

  1. leonard camobell Says:

    I think glow in the dark paint would loook cool on her, or maybe ice cream,lol

  2. Bernie Says:

    Wow, Patricia Santana has a way with choosing her colors. She obviously has great color sense.
    The next time we are together, I’d really enjoy painting Mmx, but don’t bring too much paint.
    It will spoil the illusion.
    Obviously shaving is not one of PS’ main concerns just like the Madame X’s fear of damaging the
    Sex V. All natural is a vote of confidence. Keep it sexy, simple and natural. Go Sox!

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