This is/not a test…

Hello Gentlemen –

I know what you’re thinking, or at least what a few of you have told me that you’re thinking – hey, long time no read! And yes, it’s true, I’ve actually held off on updating my site (aside from the tiny details like updating the calendar and a sprinkling of gallery photos) for quite a while now. <== That might be a bit of an understatement…

While excuses are never a thing I endorse, allow me to indulge for just a minute – A *lot* of things have happened! A mindblowing lot, really, and I’m just starting to catch up. The main reason I hadn’t been here was honestly because the site database (which displays all the pretty stuff for you) was breaking down as WordPress always does and I just didn’t have the patience to get back there and sift through the ashes of all those failed incomplete updates. As you can see, a pot of coffee and I just sat down and straightened it out! I still have restore the gallery code… why did no one tell me that the thumbnails stopped tiling?

It wasn’t all technical difficulties though. Some stuff happened that supremely sucked. My pitbull princess passed away (even if you’re an asshole, you must understand that I spent more than half my life loving that dog), and so it’s been a little hard navigating what exactly a woman is supposed to do for herself in this world, when it’s just herself…

OMG that was heavy. Sorry about that guys.

So far I’ve come up with two things that are now possible since being on my own. First, I can go out whenever I feel like it, and stay out for as long as I’d like. That may not be so profound from your perspective, but if you knew the decades of dogsitting favors that are still ahead of me as a result of every single overnight, weekend, and full on vacation I’ve taken with you fine men, you might think a little differently or even offer a fistbump. And you’ve probably noticed that my calendar has become much more lively now than in recent years, which is good news for you boys that are a little out of arms reach 🙂 If you’re scanning the calendar and don’t see your city on there where you wish it was… feel free to reach out!

Second, I can date again.

It’s not that my fur fiend was unfriendly. Everyone was pretty much welcome as long as they fed her, pet her, and stayed the f*ck out of her chair. However, she had an uncanny sense of when an amorous interest was lingering too long… and knew how to make it clear that he should linger no longer. Her primary tactic was just appealing to me and reminding me of all the attention I wasn’t giving her while I was petting someone else. Which would inevitably get creepy, because she was *watching*. Not a curious gaze, she was well versed in animal behavior, but with a steady, disappointed stare that would follow us wherever we would go. Even if I shut the bedroom door (which would earn me a day or so of “don’t touch me” treatment), she would always stay *right on the other side of the door* until I had to walk her.

I’ll never be sure if she was a prude, or a perv.

Anyway, I celebrated my bittersweet liberty this past year with a few flings. Yes, civilian dating! While I usually seek out women for romantic relationships, I decided to live a little dangerously and see what the other set of anatomy had to offer me… and found that to be disappointingly little. I’ll just say that you guys have thoroughly ruined me 🙂

But still, what’s a girl to do with all of this time on my hands? I can only walk myself around the block so many times in one day before I start to feel like I’m wearing a rut around this place… It’s not that I haven’t been up to any good, and as a matter of fact I’ve joined some fascinating social initiatives in my free time (who knew garden club would be just a bunch of suburbanites drinking cosmos in the backyard?), but you know my tastes always lean toward something more wicked… and you know just what flavor I’m looking for!

I’ll leave this brief as it’s just meant to break the *silence* that’s been sitting on this site for so long… I’ll be back with another update soon, but for now I’m going back into code mode.

Let’s see if this thing still handles video…


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  1. Annie Says:

    I know this post is old, but I’m so sorry to hear about your pup 🙁 My two dogs are such a huge part of my life…people don’t understand how important they can be to the people who love them. My two are more than just “pets;” they’re protectors, friends, and my big adorable doofuses.

    Anyway, I was just poking around to see who was still blogging. Looking for inspiration, I guess. Plus, I just like reading about other people’s experiences. You should post an update if/when you get a chance!

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