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Too Cool for School

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Hello Gentlemen –

Well, it’s that time again in Boston. Back to school time. Enjoy the horrendous traffic while all the students drive back in from all over the country, figure out what streets their parking passes are for, and inevitably discover that Storrow drive is *seriously* not made for moving trucks.

I’m also going back for the semester, so things might get a bit quiet around here. It’s come time in my academic career to finally slay some required math dragons, and so I’ve got to concentrate…

Of course, you’re always welcome to call me up for a study break! I know that I’ll definitely need it! Nothing gets me to understand physics theories like experimenting with the physical πŸ™‚

Here’s a quick study guide for you – these are actual math terms, with actual useful applications besides getting a giggle out of the hot geeky chick in the lab.

Cox-Zucker machine. What sounds like a high-tech device for oral sex is actually an algorithm used in the study of certain curves, including those that arise in cryptography. The story goes that David A. Cox co-authored a paper with fellow mathematician Steven Zucker, just so that the dirty-sounding term would enter the lexicon.

Fuzzy set. An ordinary set is like a club — you’re in or you’re out. With a fuzzy set, membership is a bit uncertain. Something can be both partially inside the set and partially outside. Fuzzy sets can be useful in biology and engineering in situations in which information is incomplete or imprecise.

Hairy ball theorem. This theorem is about how vectors can be arrayed on the surface of a sphere. Imagine a sphere covered with fur — with each strand of hair representing a vector. According to the hairy ball theorem, it’s impossible to comb the hair without creating a cowlick somewhere on the sphere.

LaTeX. Not for rubber fetishists. LaTeX is actually an offshoot of TeX (pronounced “tech,” a reference to technical typing), a popular computer package for typesetting mathematical terms and equations. LaTeX, which is considered more user-friendly than TeX, was named for its developer, American computer scientist Leslie Lamport, 73.

Tits alternative. No, it’s not about alternatives to breasts. The Tits alternative is a theorem discovered by French mathematician Jacques Tits, 83. It states that a certain class of mathematical groups has either one type of internal structure or another — that’s the alternative. Group theory has proven helpful in the study of everything from particle physics to Rubik’s cubes as well as mathematical equations.

Wiener measure. Size matters in math too. But the Wiener measure, named after American mathematician Norbert Wiener, who died in 1964, is an indication of how likely it is for a continuous function (think of a graph showing daily fluctuations in stock prices) to lie within certain limits.

Oh by the way, that’s not photoshop… it’s a real library. You’d be surprised how deserted those places are, what with the internet nowadays and everything πŸ˜‰

Ass and you shall receive

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

Hello Gentlemen!

Spring seems to have finally sprung (despite that little snow scare we had this morning) and I’m feeling quite frisky πŸ™‚ More thoroughly than just in the naughty way – I’m feeling motivated to go out and get some things done in the world, as you might be able to guess from the state of my calendar!

Where to begin… I’ve found a way to squeeze in a little play time down in Atlantic City next weekend, to go have some fun at the Exxxotica Expo and catch up with a few of my pornstar ex girlfriends. I have yet to be to a single Exxxotica event, but love the idea of it. It looks like quite the party, with a very promising guest list… including myself and the lovely Grace Sheperd, who will be joining me for the weekend. I have a feeling that we’ll be spending a lot of time in the dungeon… and I also have a feeling that I’ve finally found a place to wear my new green latex hobble skirt. Or maybe the white Marilyn dress? Or perhaps my favorite nurse’s outfit… that might be a bit much, as I have yet to persuade pasties to stay on my nipples for more than 15 minutes before popping off. Anyway, I know that I will be wearing at least *some* of my rubber wardrobe, as I certainly would whenever any of you gentlemen requested it… provided you’re patient enough to watch me slide into it…

And a very appreciative thank you to those of you who are πŸ˜‰

After that we’ll both be headed home via Hartford CT, where I’ll slip into more latex and head out to the Art Cinema with Grace for more pornographic fun. Feel free to volunteer yourself to escort us out for the evening, and watch us watch porn – a double voyeur experience! I suppose it’s not totally observation only though, as we encourage audience participation from certain parties πŸ™‚

After that you’re going to have to go and check out the calendar yourself, as there’s a little NYC, some more CT, and even some DC on there!

Of course as I’m sure most of you know, if you don’t see me coming to a certain area where you wish I was, you’re more than welcome to ask. I can’t imagine the incredible patience of some of you who will sit and wait for years (yes, years I’ve been told – how pathetic sweet) waiting for me to somehow telepathically know that if I just booked dates for your town, you’d *finally* screw up your courage and make a date. While I’m sure that the anticipation and longing makes that eventual meeting all the more sweeter for *you*, I prefer a more masculine sort of charm to my men, possessed by gentlemen who are not afraid to reach out to me and let me know exactly what they want, and suggest how and when I might be able to give it to them. For such men, I usually give much more than asked with even more enthusiasm than obedience πŸ™‚ Not only is it nice to feel desired, it also makes it much easier to plan my schedule around you. I’m told I have many talents, but mind reading is not one of them.

This same sort of direct attitude that I so much appreciate in my men applies to many more aspects of our date than simply the very setting of the appointment, though that is of course a very important first step. It also applies to what we’re actually going to be doing together. While even in my day job I am not a fan of overly regimented meetings and I’m sure any woman would look at you weirdly (and probably then flick a rather targeted glance from you to the door) if you showed up with a written out agenda comprising of the acts you’d like to enjoy, it is equally as annoying to try to please a man who seems to have his heart set on something specific with no intentions of actually letting me know what that is, as though he’d rather leave disappointed than face the possible embarrassment of telling another living soul what he’s after in bed. That’s a sad state of being and I do truly feel sorry for you if that’s your situation, but sorryΒ β‰ sexy and I’ve really got no interest in mercy fvcking… So, unless you’ve got a serious fetish for charades, you’d be best to go ahead and tell me what you want! I especially enjoy men who’ll grab me close and whisper their dirty desires in my ear, tell me what they want me to do, how they like it, and make me describe how I’m going to do it to them. And make it sound wonderfully sexy, scandalous and dirty… I love it.

Taking a slight step back for the steamy mental image of you telling me exactly how you’d like to, umm… fill in the blank… there are a few things that probably should be said before the session. If I’m traveling and you really had envisioned seeing me in a certain type of outfit, a particular shoe, or with a certain apparatus, I’ll be better able to accommodate your request if you let me know while I’m still in the packing process. A good part of my riding crop collection, while beautiful (I really have to post the latest photos I took with the rose bud crop I got to celebrate spring, though a nice bouquet might suit me better) is just a bit too long to fit well into any suitcase I currently own. They do get out of the house occasionally, but admittedly only by special request (either yours or mine, lol). Same with many of my more elaborate electrotoys, and my swarovski crystal bra lingerie set.

Please don’t take any of this as a complaint – I do enjoy special requests a great deal. But you’ve got to ask – nothing disappoints me more than breaking out a fresh pair of 10 dernier silk stockings with seed pearl seams only to find that I’ve gone to meet a man that cares nothing for hosiery and in fact finds garter clips infuriating. Also disappointing is finding myself in bed with a playmate who is responding wonderfully to nipple play… only to realize that I’ve left my snake bite cups, tweezer clamps, and clothespins at home. Slightly less disappointing as I *am* quite resourceful, but still – I could have done better with a little time to gather my thoughts at home, where I have my entire arsenal at my disposal πŸ™‚

And please, don’t just think that you’re offering me packing or wardrobe advice when you think of seductive little tidbits to throw into your emails while we’re looking forward to our fantastic night together. Once we’re through the initial introductions (and I’ve verified exactly who I’m being introduced to) we can speak as freely as we’d like, so feel free to tell me whatever you like. Do you particularly enjoy pictures of my pubic hair? It might help to let me know, before I trim it all down to a subtle fuzz for you.Β  Are you a fan of feet? I’ll be extra sure to put on fresh polish and pick out some peep toe pumps for you. I’m not out to be all that vulgar, but as you may imagine there are some erotic acts that require a little more forethought and timing than others…

This is not at all to say that I prefer to leave the finer points of the evening all up to someone else’s control, but I only aim to please. If there’s something particular that you have your heart set on incorporating into our evening, just let me know… and I’ll be sure to make full use of my creativity around that πŸ™‚

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2013 is looking up!

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Hello Gentlemen!

I know, I know… I really should have gotten around to putting up some new posts already this year, but I’m sure you can relate to the fact that stuff is going on. Lots of stuff! Not sure where to begin, really…

Uh, how were your holidays? Mine went very well, thanks for asking. And New Year’s? Amazing as well, very much enjoyed it. I came back to a couple of exciting developments at the day job(s), which pretty much had me running non-stop all January until literally *right* now. Whew! Fun times all around though, and I do it all again in a heartbeat… just give me a minute to catch my breath first!

I had a number of plans to up my travel time during the New Year, and figured I would kick it off with a trip to Philly. I’m sure I’m missing out on some fantastic times there, but between the fact that things were simply so hectic here, and the fact that because of all the goings-on I couldn’t find the time to reach out and tell anyone that I was going to be there (but a big thank you to those that noticed), I decided there wouldn’t be much harm done if I just called it off and took the extra few days to lounge around in my fluffy bathrobe and see what my local boys have been up to lately πŸ™‚ I’m still here, and still in my bathrobe (which is as dressed as I ever get in my own home), so please do give me a call so that we can catch up!

In year-end reflection, I realized that I don’t really “tour” like a lot of ladies do. I really don’t do much like other ladies do, which leads to a lot of frustration when guys ass/u/me that I’m just like the rest… a pattern that seems to be growing lately since they started letting idiots get on the internet. Anyway, I don’t really tour in the traditional sense. I travel for work or to visit friends, and if I have time I will take time out to relax with a date or two during my stay. I don’t really put too much emphasis on advertising in the traditional sense, both because I hate ads and I keep such a “low volume” (god I hate that term) that there’s not really much point in it besides reminding the other ladies that I still exist. This area of my life has never really been allowed to take center stage – Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy you men immensely, but *individually*, not as a mass conglomerate. I love what I do here, but I’m more into the individual connection and the resulting intimacy than I am into the dynamics of the scene as a whole. I really can’t wrap my head around the fact that my attitude is rare, but you men keep telling me that it is… I’m not call you a liar, but I don’t believe you. If I’m good, then it’s only because you bring out the best in me πŸ™‚

Still, after hearing so much about this “touring” thing from much more thoroughly branded girls than I, I decided that 2013 was my chance to give it a try. Apparently it’s not… but I definitely won’t just be sitting still, as the day job has several places they’d like to send me, and they’d especially like me to fit Jackson Missippi into my schedule (how subtle, right?), and I figure I should get a jump on that before it gets hot as Hell down there (I couldn’t resist). I might take a few days beforehand to spend some more time in New Orleans and indulge in a little deviance and debauchery – or maybe a lot, to make the trip worth it! Indianapolis is on my radar as well, but I’m waiting for that one to warm up… Stay tuned for those dates, though you of course know how to light a fire under my hot ass πŸ™‚ Please do get in touch, as I’m sure I’ll be looking for company in both cities…

I’m also needed in Long Island asap, which according to Boston (who would like to see me move into my office), is going to be the first week of March. I’m actually excited, as I have some friends down there that I haven’t seen in quite a while, and I actually might be bringing a friend with me. Hopefully I’ll have enough time to squeeze in another post with more details between here and there… but if you just can’t control you’re curiosity, just ask and I will gladly answer πŸ™‚

Where else? I did court some contracts in Philly because I figured I’d be in town (and I’m a workaholic), so I still do have to head out that way at some point. Sure, I’ve got Skype, but since I have to put on clothes for that (I tried the “neck up” camera thing for a while, and I kept getting called on it, so no more naked video conferences) I figure I might as well just fly out there.

Someone actually asked me the other day if I “toured” Brattleboro VT. Times are a changing, eh? Just to make it clear once again, New England is my local area. I never understand girls who post that they’re in one city one day, then post that they’ll be two town over the next day… I can’t tell who’s lazier, the girl who wouldn’t bother venturing a safe distance from home before publicly advertising, or the men who will see her in Waltham, but not in Lexington. For the record, I have a rather nice, comfortable car, and don’t mind driving short distances to meet you.

That reminds me, I do have some local travel to post on the calendar as well. I’ll be in Providence tomorrow, Boston on Sunday, Portsmouth on Monday, Manchester on Tuesday, and Boston again on Wednesday. All in my local area, as far as I’m concerned πŸ™‚

Well, I feel a little bit of the tension I built up over January fading away a little bit… now off to a hot bath and my waterproof rabbit to melt away the rest. But first, enjoy this!

Bert always wanted a pair of authentic cowboy boots, so, seeing some on sale, he bought them and wore them home. Walking proudly, he sauntered into the kitchen and said to his wife, β€œNotice anything different about me?”

Margaret looked him over. β€œNope.”

Frustrated, Bert stormed off into the bathroom, undressed and walked back into the kitchen completely naked except for the boots. Again he asked Margaret, a little louder this time, β€œNotice anything different NOW?”

Margaret looked up and said in her best deadpan, β€œBert, what’s different? It’s hanging down today, it was hanging down yesterday, it’ll be hanging down again tomorrow.”


β€œNope. Not a clue,” she replied.


Without missing a beat Margaret replied, β€œShoulda bought a hat, Bert. Shoulda bought a hat.”

Oh, and some porn, of course πŸ™‚ And what a coincidence, I just bought a nearly identical checkered outfit on my way home last night!

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Birds are chirping, and I’m tweeting too!

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Hello Gentlemen πŸ™‚

So, my cabin fever is officially over and done with, it seems I’m just a *tiny* bit too impatient to deal with even this mild New England winter (thank you for your kind rescue, sir). What great weather we’ve been having since! The mountains are actually dry, which is so rare this time of year, and I’ve been out taking advantage of what might either be Mother Nature’s mercy, or her oversight, lol. I hope this keeps up, it’s going to be a great year… it already has been, as far as I’m concerned πŸ™‚

Since I put up this site three years ago, I’ve noticed (and perhaps you have too) that I’ve been steadily reining my efforts in from this area of my life. I’ve stopped posting on most message boards, I’ve been missing all the parties, I even slowed down posting to my own blog, and haven’t really updated my calendar in quite a while… No worries, I’m not ready to give it up yet! I’ve just been distracted with school, work, and normal mundane household stuff. Oh, and the deep, deep mindlessness of the Internet K-Hole. Plus, I’m generally happy with my life, and you guys, so I just haven’t felt the need to put myself out there like I used to (did I ever?). Which, if my past relationships have taught me anything, is *exactly* the wrong kind of attitude to have! Yes, the courtship may be over, I’ve established some kind of relationship with this lifestyle and have built a reasonable body of expectations on both sides of the equation that I feel are generally upheld, but that is absolutely no excuse for letting the romance slide downhill. Chicks hate that, and it makes them start picking fights over stuff they really wouldn’t have cared about if I paid more attention to them. Men hate that too, and it makes them start staying late after work and leaving other women’s pantyhose in their car (if they love you, it’s like they *want* you to catch them, so weird… my dog does that too). I’ve seen it so many times, but apparently I still don’t know better… shame on me.

So from here on, I will make an oh-so-earnest effort to post more, actually edit a hundred or so of the thousands of pictures I’ve been taking, update the calendar (even though I’m pretty flexible with my schedule and you’re always welcome to ask), and maybe even say something on a message board somewhere, sometimes. I promise to get to DC soon – I was actually just looking over my April calendar to see if there was anything that would keep me from taking a weekend down there, when my agent called and filled in the blanks for me – even if I have to deal with election year insanity. I will go to at least one of the three parties coming up (especially if we still have plans for that particular one?). I know what you’re thinking, you’ve heard it before… well, thank you for your dedication thus far and I sincerely hope you stick around long enough to hear it again πŸ™‚

Along those same lines, I joined Twitter! A little unlike me, but whatever – I’m just trying to keep things fresh between us, baby πŸ™‚ I haven’t tweeted yet, but I think it will be a good way toΒ  bridge between my blog, my mailing listΒ  my hopefully now regularly updated calendar, and my hot little self. I don’t see myself using it too much, mostly just to announce last minute availability (my idea of last minute is less than 48 hours, lol. I’m still me, after all) and maybe a pic or two, but we’ll see what happens when I start feeling social. I’d appreciate it if you followed me… just click on the *giant* golden bird in my sidebar, lol.

I’m planning to tweet that I’ll be in Hartford next Thursday. Oh, the anticipation! If I get impatient I may tweet that I’m in Boston on Tuesday… did I just spoil the surprise for you guys?

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The Allure of Opera

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Hello Gentlemen –

Of course, best wishes for you as always! This summer has been spectacular, and I’m looking forward to taking in the last of it before I have to get ready to settle into September. Still, I have a few things coming together that will have me looking forward to fall. Another visit to Worcester, some time in Chicago (although I may have to abbreviate that visit, as I’ve got some things that I can’t leave unattended in Boston) and we’ll have to see what else! Keep an eye on my calendar πŸ™‚

While I have to admit that I don’t much care for opera (at least recorded opera, I’ve been to a few shows that I have actually enjoyed watching… and I’m told that when handled the right way I can be quite a singer myself, if you’d like to treat yourself to such a performance), I also have to admit to myself that I do have a penchant for opera gloves. I’m forced to face this fact looking at my underwear drawer – I have many pairs, ranging from the basic black (and thank you for those, btw, as I now have velvet, suede *and* satin) all the way through to neon green lace. So many in fact, that they’re beginning to crowd out my panties… I’m on the lookout for a caddy for them, so that they can perhaps hang nicely next to my shoe collection (and thank you for those too!).

A generous gentleman recently questioned me as to the allure of opera gloves – and honestly, aside from acknowledging their inherent and undeniable sexiness, I hadn’t really given the matter much thought. Most of my own personal enjoyment comes from the tactile sensations of satin or velvet against my skin while I touch myself… and I do enjoy sharing those feelings with whoever I decide to touch! I’m a woman of simple pleasures πŸ™‚

The visual impact of gloves is also tremendous. As most of you probably already know and have witnessed first hand, I’m an avid stocking enthusiast. Opera gloves are like stockings for arms! While I’m frequently complimented on my long ladylike fingers (and to answer your unspoken question, I have no idea where to begin on a piano – I imagine my hands were given to me to make me more adept at typing) I also like the way they look in gloves, and often try to coordinate my legwear and armwear if I’m going out for an evening of exhibition. Stockings and gloves –Β  a fun way to indulge in the pleasures of lingerie without hiding any of the juicy bits.

Of course, in the right situations, gloves can mean so much more. The sight of them invokes thoughts of sophistication and elegance, confidence and control. While wearing gloves, a woman can touch you *without actually touching you*… after all, her skin never touched yours. She initiated contact, but there is no real touch. She could slap you, and never actually feel the impact herself. Denying the sensation of real skin keeps control in the hands of the wearer and wielder of the gloves, and such an element of impersonality in an otherwise intimate setting can be eerily erotic at times (if you like screwing around with strangers – and it shouldn’t surprise you that I do!). Power dynamics may not be your thing, but at least we can all agree that gloves are beautiful πŸ™‚

And then it gets really kinky πŸ™‚ I’m not saying that it’s something I do often or all the time, but I have, in the past (probably in the future as well) been to (at least) a *few* orgies. It’s a great time, depending on what you’re in the mood for. The thing I like most about group sex is that you can get whatever you’re in the mood for, and leave all the worries of what other people want to whoever else wants to do whatever that is. Ultimate indulgence! However, as easy as it is to lose yourself in the moment as many times as possible, it’s also important to remember your responsibility to yourself. Safety first! In addition to the more mundane methods, I like to spice things up with a pair of latex opera gloves. Much sexier than the dime a dozen alternative, don’t you think? It’s a shame though – I lost my last pair, and a beautiful black vibrator, at a ridiculously mind blowing event in CT. It was well worth it, though – of that I have no doubts. I started out with an amazingly hot Brazilian couple who had just moved startlingly close to me (I didn’t want to weird them out and tell them that I knew their neighbors quite well), and via a hot tub, stripper pole, spanking paddle, and pool table, found myself in the morning with a really nice Italian girl who was sporting a red dress and a spectacular rack. Along the way, I picked up the best relationship counselor ever (a marriage counselor by profession, who *really* enjoys helping lesbians work out their problems… go figure), and overall had a fantastic time. Would I do it again? Get me another pair of latex gloves, and find out πŸ™‚

~Mme X~

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According to the numbers *part deux*

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Hello Gentlemen –

Spring is in the air, for sure! Hope your weekend was as great as mine πŸ™‚ I came back in from the city on Thursday night, where I was unfortunately unable to hook up with my continual Dominican hook-up partner, but I *was* finally able to put my shiny, skin tight, silver jumpsuit to good use all the same. Good times! I’ll be back in the city at some point in June, but I’m not sure when… maybe you can help me make up my mind? Get in touch with your suggestions, and maybe we can arrange to get in touch in person.

I’ll be back in Boston around the 1st for a few things, and in Hartford on the 21st and 22nd as well… Aside from that, my travels are pretty minimal at the current moment, as I’m trying to keep enough leisure time for myself to make use of the beauty that is Western Mass in the summer πŸ™‚ Looking ahead into the fall however, I’ll be doing my best to arrange for some more time in Chicago – usually business dictates my travels, but so far this trip looks like it will be purely for pleasure. I’m excited to go… and hopefully I can get you excited as well! There’s plenty of time for you to place yourself on my itinerary.

While I’m wonderfully happy to be a woman (or else what would I do with the Trigasm?), I do field quite a few questions from you men on a subject that I find somewhat foreign – penis size. If I were a guy, I probably would probably stay up many a night wondering if I measured up… but as a woman, I’d be thrilled if you can keep it up all night! Sorry if that answers *none* of your questions, but it’s the honest truth as far as I’m concerned – size really doesn’t matter as much as you think. When I consider what I’m going to do with a man and his erotic appendage, the devil is in the details… curvature is just as important as length and girth. If it curves up, I’m ready to jump on it for a little cowgirl action. Does it curve down? I’ll enthusiastically suggest some doggy style. And if I’m lucky enough to find a man with excellent muscle control (stand in front of a mirror and try flexing whatever muscles control that thing until you can get it to spin in circles – watch Borat for a rather exaggerated and disturbing demonstration of what I’m talking about, lol), then such a man may also be lucky enough to find me with my ankles behind his neck while I cry out for God and pretend to be a missionary πŸ™‚

So, while I enjoy a challenge and won’t back down from Cockzilla, function is really more important than form in my… book? What I’m trying to say is that satisfying sex can be delivered by any sized schlong. But if you’re one of those guys that really can’t stand open ended answers, let’s see what some statisticians say on the subject –

Even though this is clearly the *authentic* penis size preference chart, I have no idea who they asked to gather these numbers. I’m not questioning their scientific methods really, but I think that more insight could be derived from the study if we were to examine more about the women questioned. I’ve got a strap on harness that accommodates a wide array of dildos, and would be happy to do further research πŸ™‚

~Mme X~

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‘Tis The Season!

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Hello Gentlemen!

I had the pleasure of staying tucked inside for most of yesterday evening, watching the first snow fall of the year in Boston, and being glad that I could hang out in my favorite hotel rather than worrying about driving home! But the snow is pretty when it’s fresh, isn’t it? Hopefully it will melt before it gets all gray and gritty… but I enjoyed it in the meantime.

*Now* it feels like Christmas! I get a bit nervous about having to navigate through huge crowds of people, and worse yet, parking lots filled with huge crowds of people in cars, so I planned a bit ahead and did most of my stuff online this year. Still, there’s a few difficult people on my list that I know deserve *something*, even though I have no idea what. Engineers and doctors are very difficult to buy for, I’ve found. As soon as they want something, they go out and get it themselves! That speaks of great problem solving abilities and expertly satisfies the efficiency criteria to be sure, but leaves me with no idea what to get… unless I want it to be given back to me as soon as they realize that they have no way to use it / no place to put it. Gift certificates are no good either – they will inevitably squirrel them away for a time when they can be put to the absolute *best* use. Only engineers believe that there is such a thing as a truly optimal circumstance (perfection is still a possibility, even though the odds are all but impossibly stacked against it)… in the natural sciences we set up perfect situations, and then proceed to criticize them endlessly by measuring the exact amount of ruin and havoc created by each and any combination of real-world influences that such a perfect situation may possibly come in contact with, now or at any point in the future. Which is why gift receipts are essential for doctors, psychologists, biologists and the like – the gift will inevitably be returned or exchanged for something of a different color, something that better matches the new chair they are going to buy with their spouse’s gift card.

Not to rank on my imagineer buddies out there πŸ™‚ I’m just hitting the “heartbreak hill” of my holiday preparations. I got all the easy stuff done already! I went out to the Bizarre Bazaar earlier this afternoon, and bought my friends decorative toilet seats πŸ™‚ Except for my incredibly feminist friend, I bought her a vintage oilcloth apron with matching dishrags and oven mitt. I can’t wait to see her face when she opens the box!

Along the way, I’ve found quite a few things that I wouldn’t mind getting myself… I’m not really one for jewelry (as I already have a few nice pieces and appreciate them dearly πŸ™‚ ) but in my quest for the perfect erotic accessories I recently discovered the work of Sylvie Monthule. I’m speechless to say the least! I think that the Nectar de Jouissance is *exactly* what I want for Christmas. It’s certainly eye catching, but discrete enough to wear out during the day – underneath other, more conservative clothing of course. And gentle enough that I can walk around without causing a screaming orgasmic scene, and enjoy just enough stimulation to keep a *big* smile on my face all day long πŸ™‚ But, I’d like it in blue, as I want it to match my good set of tableware (and yes, I’m usually naked at my table, but rarely when there’s occasion to break out the good china – unless you want to come by and watch me play Naked Chef?). Of course, I could exchange it, lol.

Aside from just getting ready for the 25th, I’ve got one other excursion planned for December – I’ll be headed up to Bangor next weekend, on the 11th and 12th. I have a few things to do in the area during the day, but I’ll be pretty much left to my own devices for the evening… probably vibrating devices. Unless you’d like to come by stuff my stocking for me?

~Mme X~

Yeah, about DC…

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Hello Gentlemen –

Hope your weekend went well, mine definitely did πŸ™‚ This week however, is suddenly going *much* differently than I had planned! It’s not overly positive or negative, really. On the up side, my day job is going well and treating me excellently, but on the down side… I won’t be in DC this week. I’m pretty disappointed by that, and I’m sure I’m not the only one? Next time, I’ll make it up to you for sure!

Instead, I’ll be in Boston on Tuesday, and will probably stay until Thursday at least. It’s a business thing, so while I’m always happy to meet you at the place of your choosing, I won’t be able to invite you over, as I’ll have colleagues annoyingly underfoot. Of course, everyone I work with knows that I’m a grown woman and entitled to make my own decisions, but I really don’t think that banging the bed against my boss’s wall is good professional conduct πŸ™‚ If you would prefer to wait for an invitation rather than invite me out, there’s hope for you – I had actually planned to spend a few days in town with my girlfriend *next* week, as we have a social engagement to attend, and dresses to buy for such an occasion. We’ll probably pick up matching panties as well… but you’ll have to catch us after the party to find out what they look like! She’s got to run off for the weekend, but we should be in town together from the 6th – 9th. Anyway, I’ll be updating the calendar in a minute or two (and if you’re reading this, then it’s most likely done already), so you can find out exactly what my Boston itinerary is. Of course, if you see a day you’d like in between my trips, you’re always welcome to get in touch to fill in my gap!

I’m also looking to get back to Maine, things went well last time, both work and pleasure πŸ™‚ You’ll see me again up there soon! Portland definitely, and perhaps Bangor as well.

One of my old friends recently asked me if I still smoke (cigarettes, lol), and of course my knee-jerk reaction is to say no, and that I quit when I left school. It’s true, I no longer smoke habitually now that I have a better job that doesn’t make me want to use nicotine as an excuse to get out of my office for a few minutes (It’s interesting that one can crave smoke and fresh air at the same time, lol). But to say the I *never* smoke, that would be a lie. After a few drinks out with friends, a cigarette can be pretty neat – although I usually get bored of it and put it out before the end, depending on my level of intoxication. And after sex? I’m sure even those who *never* smoke can understand the satisfaction of the post-coital cigarette.

Still, I enjoy smoking as an art (and I enjoy the art in most things – I’m needlessly appreciative of many mundane aspects of life, lol) and will indulge occasionally. I have a collection of cigarette holders of varying lengths, antique lighters from the 20’s and 40’s, and cigarette cases galore. The imagery of smoking appeals to me, probably a result of spending way to much time watching old film-noir movies where femmes-fatale wrap their richly colored lips around long thin cigarette holders and bat their mascara-laden eyelashes, shadowed by clouds of smoke. Smoking is a habit of pure decadence, just like all the pearls, furs and opera length suede gloves (I have so many pairs of opera gloves, and I don’t even like opera) that are always so popular in cinematic smoking scenes. And as long as you can keep your mind off of the long term health impact of inhaling smoke, it can be pretty hot to watch a woman with a cigarette – actually, it’s pretty hot to watch most women do *anything* with their mouths, really. But women can smoke in public!

I have a couple guy friends that smoke, and one in particular… while all of my guy friends are really only friends (I’m a wikid tomboy, but I hope most of you can agree that I clean up pretty well?) I do have one that I wonder about sometimes… only when he smokes though. He blows quite the array of smoke rings! Circles, squares, blowing circles *through* squares – it’s pretty impressive. It gets my mind wandering off down dangerously naughty paths – that must be an amazing tongue he’s hiding in that mouth! And he does have a gorgeous smile as well πŸ™‚ But then he’ll stub out his cigarette and probably scratch his balls or something equally as unsexy, and ask me whether or not I have plans for Saturday as he could use a hand pulling the engine out of his truck or bathing his herd of dogs, and my mind snaps right back to where it should be, lol.

Really though, I’ve only got my mind on this topic because I was watching this video… I’m sure you can understand. Normally I’m not one for large and/or fake boobs, but these look rather nice!

~Mme X~