Considerations and Gifts

I definitely look forward to enjoying our time together, and I do love to take my time to make sure that we get the most enjoyment and best experience out of each other! I hate to rush, especially with the intricate art of attraction… So, you may notice that my time management here is a bit different than you may expect. It’s worked well for me and I urge you to let me show you how well I can make it work for you.

An Introduction Over Dinner, $700
Roughly 2 or 3 hours, more than enough time to get to know each other intimately.

I recommend that any potential suitors start here, and we’ll see what develops…

Out for the Evening, $900
About 4 or 5 hours, plenty of time for us to get acquainted and exhaust each other!

A bit more time for us to try new things… and try them again if we like it!

Spend the Night Together, $1700
An entire 12 hours to do whatever we wish! Just imagine the possibilities…

We can also do this in the daytime, if you weren’t planning on spending our time sleeping…

A Trip Around the World, $2700
That’s right, the entirety of Earth’s rotation, 24 hours. Take me anywhere you’d like!

A perfect way to get reacquainted, and make up for lost time!

The Weekend, $6000
72 hours, the perfect amount of time to see some sights and take in the view

Let’s explore together!

7 Days in Heaven, $10000
Pure bliss! Let’s get lost in each other…

There’s nothing we can’t do! The world is our oyster.


The gift of your attentive company is more than enough for me, but for those gentlemen that are looking to bring a little extra to show their particular appreciation for my charms, I’ve included a brief list of my material interests below. Of course, creativity is encouraged, and the perfect gift is always one that highlights the common interests between the giver and the receiver… My favorite gifts are those we can share!

Caddell & Williams
Victoria’s Secret
Tomasello Fruit Wines
Eternal Spirits
House of Harlot
Coco de Mer
Dean’s Sweets
Eden’s Fantasies
Extreme Restraints