Erotographic Exhibitionism Inside!

Hello Gentlemen –

Ok, this last heat wave made even me flinch… my maximum temperature is somewhere around 98 degrees. Anything hotter, and I will have to admit defeat! Thankfully, a little rain and a nice cool breeze have come in and brought us back to our regularly scheduled summer, just in time for the habitually hot month of August. I’m fine with that. I very much enjoy August, and I’ll be spending a good week of it out in Upstate NY to go visit some of my favorite places and people! Perhaps you’re lucky enough to count yourself as one of them?

Speaking of my favorite places, I’ve posted a few (emphasis on few) new photos over in the gallery. Can you pick out which ones? Of course more are coming – I just got bored with the black and white thing, and am looking for some more color to add instead. We’ll see what I come up with. In the meantime, enjoy!

As you can probably imagine, I am often asked to share my opinion (and maybe more) on a wide variety of fetishes. Other than a few areas of fascination in my libidinous life, I can’t say that I’m incredibly kinky. I consider myself more experimental than anything else… and yes, I do experiment often, with or without any number of apparatus 🙂 I’ve found a handful of things that I crave intensely, a few things that I enjoy immensely, a bunch of things that are a bunch of fun, and some really interesting stuff. All in all though, I can say that I’ve come across some ridiculously fun words to say!

Erotographomania – a strong and sometimes overwhelming desire to write love letters and/or poetry. I can definitely relate to that, (btw, I did notice that is *available*. You, yes you, and how have you been, should really get on that asap) although I more feel like I fall a willing victim to it’s closely related cousin, xenoerotographomania, or the desire to write love letters and or poetry to strangers. If you’ve ever wondered how I can keep posting such exhaustive blog posts and still answer every worthwhile inquiry with in-depth interest, there’s your answer – mania. Or a strong, sometimes overwhelming desire… doesn’t that sound more enticing?

I’ve received some pretty racy emails also, so I know I’m not the only one with this occasional obsession. I enjoy reading erotic literature, whether or not it is personally written for me (although I especially enjoy those that are!). I do wonder though, would reading other people’s love letters be considered erotographic voyeurism?

~Mme X~

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