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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

Hope you all had fantastic Independence Days! Myself, I had a wonderful time, although I could only expect as much 🙂 I’m a big fan of barbecues and fireworks, so how could the weekend be anything but stellar? I even managed to find some time to sneak off and have some of my own personal fun (thank you for adding motivation to do so, btw) which was just amazing icing on an already awesome 4th of July cake! Looking forward to many more nice summer days, preferably with fireworks and awesome cake.

Even though I tend to address mainly men in this area of my life (other areas of my life are reserved exclusively for females, btw – I don’t think I’ve gone on a hetero civilian date in years!), I’m occasionally reminded that my modest readership includes ladies as well. And I’m so happy about that! Though girls, I totally wish you’d comment or something, as the guys will be thinking that I’m just making you all up, lol. An especially targeted glance toward those that like to steal my publicly posted internal monologue and post excerpts of it to various boards and blogs and echo my opinions as your own… Anyway. Generally, I hear from ladies via email and we have all sorts of fun bouncing ideas around together. And speaking of, I think I see a strip poker tournament coming up on the horizon! I have never played poker before, so I’m sure to end up naked 🙂 That’s half the fun though! Let me know if you’d like to buy in.

Recently I was having half an email conversation with a lady that I’ve semi-known for a while, and I was in an uncharacteristically negative mood. I briefly went over a few trends that I saw slowly gaining footholds in our lovely lifestyle here, and noticing the downward slide induced a sullen knot in the pit of my stomach. But, just as I suspected, it was only something I ate! I ran into some friends I had been out to drinks and dinner with the day before, and we all came to the same conclusion – that bar food was simply no good. However, even after a few tums and a good nights sleep, I still notice a marked difference between the way this “hobby” (that term is not nearly so irksome to me as are it’s illiterate sounding derivatives, i.e. hobbyist – wtf is with that?) stands now and what it once was way back when, at least for me, which is really not that long ago in the grand scheme of things.

As always, note that any negativity is not directed towards you guys (unless you are sub-par bar food). You’re great, definitely a greatist, lol. My only complaint is, it would really help fortify my faith in humanity if I could be assured that there were more men like you… it’s been briefly alluded to, by myself and others, that I don’t go on first dates very often. Sure, inquiries come in, but… well, if you’ve met me then you know how I am. You’re probably confused, thinking that it was mindblowingly easy, in fact quite enjoyable, to coherently and respectfully introduce yourself, go through a brief bout of particulars before we could begin teasing each other with specifics to ensure that we both had the same idea of fun once the time rolled around. You may even be pleased at how effortlessly we fell into such an amazing level of intimacy and how close we’ve become over the years – goodness, it doesn’t feel like years, does it? I’m equally impressed, constantly, with how great it had been getting to know you, biblically and otherwise! Unfortunately though, it is not always so easy. Not nearly always. I’m not going to gripe too much as it really causes me no *actual* stress beyond sending 90% of my messages to the trash, but it seems intelligible text or any sign of complete thought is something that many people have a hard time getting the hang of. Social skills even more so. I am not sure how other ladies feel, but I simply can not muster enough enthusiasm to go shut myself alone in a room with a person who has already annoyed and/or bored me before I’ve even seen them. I would not be at my best, for sure – and I want you wonderful gents to get the best of me 🙂

But bigger than that! I like to keep a fairly low profile, for a variety of reasons. Primarily, I’m busy. I have a life I love, and I like to spend most of my time living it. I definitely do love this indulgent area of my life, but let’s just say that my favorite part of it is not posting to my blog and maintaining some sort of persona, lol. You already know what my favorite part is 🙂 Second, and it wasn’t always this way, is boredom. Plain and simple, I’ve gotten profoundly bored with what some aspects of this lifestyle have become. Don’t get me wrong, you guys are the most fascinating sort! I love hearing about your research, your projects, your travels, and your dog. Unfortunately though, it seems that unless I am completely pointed in the wrong direction (which happens sometimes) there is simply not a place where only interesting, witty, sensual men gather to discuss anything at all. There’s definitely something going on – I do check around the forums occasionally. For the last *long time* there has been nothing there but lists of acronyms serving as ads, occasional questions posed by idiots and officers, a bunch of jerks picking on pointless bits of nothing like maggots on bones… and that’s about it. I could be even more critical, but there’s no point in that. You see what I’m talking about. Even the few of you I knew initially through forum conversations – I haven’t seen your handles around in a long, long while. I don’t really know what I’m saying by that, but I am saying that I have noticed, and I’m sure you have too.

I guess I must have rushed the ice cream too soon after dinner. I rarely get sick, just nostalgic and maybe a little bit bitchy 🙂 I actually enjoy my subdued self image, and you know as well as I that we ladies have to be ever mindful of the balance between discretion and exhibition to continue to happily exist here. It’s just that the internet has become just like TV was when the internet was new – there’s nothing on! Just ads! Annoying ads at that, the ones that play much louder than your regularly scheduled programming and urge you to buy now, as time is quickly running out between here and the next commercial break. And it seems like because of that, no one’s really watching anymore, only couch potatoes with nothing better to do. Sometimes in the middle of the night they might even muster up the motivation to call in and ask if they can get a free gift with or without purchase. And, I send them to the trash. It’s ok on the bottom line, since I’m happy with you boys (though I am pretty much constantly horny – much hornier than my schedule will allow for unfortunately), but still, I can’t help but wonder if the world has really slid down a steep hill of stupid while I wan’t looking. </rant>

<rant> But (and I know that one should never begin nor end with a preposition, kiss my grammatically rebellious but) since I’ve already opened the can of worms, I’ll be the polite hostess and offer you a few more. Over the course of the years I’ve officially descended into occasional lurker status, I have seen pages of threads about what people hate about girls ads… not nearly so many about what ladies like about men’s approaches, btw… let me add one. Girls, if you use the word classy to describe yourself, then that word doesn’t describe you (with of course the exception to a particular redhead whose drapes and carpet match quite nicely – that is classy!). Upscale… don’t even get me started – I can start myself 🙂 It’s a relative word. To identify something, someone, or yourself as upscale automatically at the same time identifies other things which, by definition of the first object, are beneath whatever was claimed to be higher on the scale, perhaps you. Therefore, if those lesser things did not exist, your dominion over them would also vanish, leaving you with no identifying traits. That is a pretty precarious position to be in, especially with every other girl claiming to be just as upscale as you are. The same goes for ideas such as best, better, bestist, etc. Classier still, they ask only for roses, the most elegant form of flora (I prefer the awkwardly shaped orchid – try carrying 1600 of those into a hotel lobby! I would so *do* the engineer who could pull off such a feat)  Let me just remind you that those Burger King crowns are free, guys… and let me also remind you, after reading so many rip off threads – when you hang out with stupid people, stupid stuff is bound to happen. Respect yourself.

Lol, thanks for putting up with me 🙂 That is pretty much my take on the cyber social scene for the last 3 years. Yes, I totally said cyber! That should be clear indication that I’ve been doing this much longer than 3 years, lol. And before you ask, no, I’m not saying anyone should do anything differently then they already do – I like you guys just the way you are.

Now that I’m breathing better with all that weight off my chest – I’m due to be in Upstate NY sometime next month. The week of the 20th to be more exact. In between here and there? I’m around.

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