According to the numbers

Hello Gentlemen –

Hope things have been going well for you! It’s just about time for me to show you my Maypole dance, lol. Actually, I’ve found that I’m really not half bad at pole dancing (yes, I do get a little unruly at strip clubs, but interestingly enough I didn’t find out there!) and I’ve been tossing around the idea of getting one for my living room. If nothing else, it would make quite the conversation piece – both for me and my peeping-tom neighbor! He’s wonderful though, and lets me get off on my voyeuristic streak as well when he brings his hot blonde wife into the kitchen with him for a little over-the-counter action, lol. Even though the fact that we never speak is half the fun, I definitely have a question for him – does his wife actually know I’m watching? While visually I’m just enjoying the show and having a hell of a great time doing it, somewhere my conscience twinges a little… but really, I know that she has to know. For one, I’m sitting in the window. But, does she know that he watches me when she’s not there?I hope so… and I also wish that she’d leave her bedroom light on and give me a solo show sometime, just to let me know that things are cool between us 🙂

As if karma conspired to keep me asking such questions, I stumbled upon this graphic on the internet. I could paraphrase it, but it’s more colorful and engaging if I just let you see it for yourself! I love statistics 🙂

So, the numbers pretty much speak for themselves. A few things I noticed –

  • Women are twice as likely to lie about having an affair than men are
  • If you’re going to cheat on your spouse, consider moving to Maryland, and stay out of Michigan
  • 22% of women would rather drunk dial their annoying ex than have to go through teaching a random bar pickup how to eat pussy (I’m guilty on that one), while 23% of men have more confidence in the sexual prowess of complete strangers (let me know how that works out for you guys?)
  • 10% of the general populous has yet to see those horrible tabloid pics of Angelina Jolie without makeup.
  • A woman who insists on monogamy should be looking for the poorest man she can find.
  • 40% of women cheat because they want more emotional attention… and the other 60% just want you to leave them alone so that they can get back in bed with the neighbors.
  • 11% of women are so happy that they caught their husbands cheating, because now it takes the heat off of them!
  • 20% of women lie about frequently fantasizing about Tyson Beckford.
  • Seriously, more than 90% of people still meet their sexual partners offline? I suddenly feel like *such* a nerd…
  • And of course online affairs are addicting. Let’s ask each other how we know, right?

~Mme X~

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