Mixed Signals

Hello Gentlemen –

I saw my first set of bats today, signifying that the weather is officially on it’s way to getting better! Those leather-wing things only come out when they’re sure they can get some non-frozen food, lol… which also means bugs are coming out early this year. Speaking of, I need a new bat house! My last one didn’t survive the winter, and I’m afraid that without it carpenter bees will try to move into my porch again. They don’t sting, but they aggravate my dog… anyway, warmer weather means less clothes, which means more eye candy for you 🙂 I know it’s still a little early, but at least we have something to look forward too – longer days and shorter skirts!

In particular, I’m looking forward to my upcoming foray with NYC… for many reasons (and please do get in touch if you’d like to be one of them). One being, a I left a girl there a while back that I just recently got in contact with. She’s smart, adventurous, has the cutest smile in my known universe, and is ridiculously fun to go our with… and she’s drop dead gorgeous. Ludicrously cute, her ass is seriously unbelievable! And best of all, she’s fantastic in bed. We used to get together when I was in the habit of frequenting the city on business (and yes, I once again broke the cardinal rule of not dipping one’s pen in the company ink… even though I have no such proverbial pen, but whatever) but of course, little non-committal me let her get away. She kept saying she’d see me when she came up to Boston, but the few times she was up this way I wasn’t, and eventually I suppose we got tired of chasing each other around.

I used some of my down time this week to track her down and schedule a conversation (we’re both equally busy, and this wasn’t *her* week off, so I hope the fact that she made time for me is a good sign?), and she’s just as charming as ever. She invited me to come over to her place at some point during my stay, and of course I offered to have her come down to my place instead, to save her the housework that always follows entertaining. At which point she reminded me that the corner store on her block stocks mango ice cream, and she has no idea what flavors are available at the store downtown… and left me hanging to my phone with my memory of the last time we ate mango ice cream off of each other in her living room.

Aside from a semi-favorite ice cream flavor (I can’t commit to just one flavor!), I love the fact that we have so much in common, especially in the bedroom, where we immediately hit it off. Ice cream being the first one – google tells me I’m a splosh fetishist, meaning I enjoy mixing food with erotic action 🙂 I’ll admit that I have quite the sexual sweet tooth… I usually tone it down a bit during my encounters and limit myself to whipped cream, cherries and carefully controlled chocolate syrup, if only for the reason that I haven’t found a good set of rubber sheets yet (*ahem*) and wrapping the bed with saran wrap just isn’t my idea of satisfying foreplay. I also enjoy a good shock of cold once in a while, so ice cream wins again. It’s good to wake up the nerves once in a while to make sure that they’re all alert and responsive to whatever touch they’re about to enjoy… making a bucket of ice a handy thing to have during an extended amount of oral indulgence. Temperature play is also one of this girl’s favorite things – and one of *my* favorite things was spending the night blindfolded on her bed while she kept me in suspense with her collection of stainless steel sex toys, each sitting in a different temperature of water. It was delicious running through the range of pretty damn cold (I swore I heard her open the fridge once or twice) all the way up to sauna hot ! I’d say I want to relive those moments, but I’m sure we’ll think of something even more fun to do to each other this time around. Still, I’m bringing along my steel anal plug to throw in the freezer for her as revenge 🙂

~Mme X~

Ice cube tease brought to you by PornHub

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