Sweet Seduction

Hello Gentlemen –

Hope you all enjoyed your Easter! Even if you don’t believe in Zombie Christ (I’m Catholic, so yes I proudly worship the undead messiah, thank you very much), it was still a beautiful day to be enjoyed by all :) And glad to say that it just keeps getting better! I stopped by one of my favorite place to get lost today, and spent a good part of the afternoon being relieved that spring rain is at least 15x warmer than fall rain, which means I can now enjoy a walk regardless of precipitation. Besides, if the rain gets really heavy out there, there’s a silent movie theater to run to. A great way to wait out any storm! That’s my second favorite movie theater to go to, after the skinema in Hartford.

I love to go get lost… nowhere is a wonderful place to be, and I enjoy having no one around to prevent me from feeling the freedom of anonymity. Of course, it’s possible to still explore a different version of that same circumstance while running through megatropolis – such as NY. Only once, in all my thousands of trips down to the subway have I ever actually run into someone I knew (subway musicians don’t count!) and I’m told even that is quite the anomaly! And btw, I’ll be back in the city the week after next (4/18 – 4/20), looking forward to running through streets full of strangers… and maybe tracking down a few of my favorite friends as well :) I missed going to the Met last time – instead, I chose to oggle naked modern art.

Speaking of naked modern art! I know it’s incredibly impolite to kiss and tell, but a girl can’t be a lady all the time… and so I have to tell you gentlemen (who I know would *never* submit to such an uncouth urge as to tell everyone on the internet what you did with whom) at least a little bit about the torrid tryst that I shared with my hot Dominican girl :) She’s not my girlfriend, she’s barely even a friend these days as our work schedules seem to conspire to keep us in separate cities – I hadn’t seen her for nearly a year! Luckily, I have a fetish for sleeping with strangers, lol. I didn’t waste a minute thinking about the time gone by, and apparently neither did she.

One thing I love about her is that she is incredibly kinky, and fortunately we have quite a few kinks in common. Of course, her wild spontaneous attitude helped to win me over as well, never mind her fantastic ass! I had waited patiently in the city most of the week  until she returned from a business trip to another city, and on Friday night I finally got her call. She asked me if I wanted to go out to someplace nice where we could really show ourselves off – but when I pressed for details as to where she was planning for us to go and what we might do there, it became clear that she wasn’t actually intending to leave the house once I got there! I figured that left me a little bit of liberty and decided to dress for fun rather than functionality… and put on a candy bikini 🙂 I also made sure to wrap up my candy whip and take it along as well, if for no other reason besides it’s inherent deliciousness! To cover up all my naughtiness, I put on a risque-but-still-respectable dress, a pair of peeptoe pumps with heels only slightly higher than normal, and a pair of feathered fake eyelashes which took me nearly an hour to put on straight. The ridiculous things we do to impress girls, right? Once I arrived at her place though, I was so happy I put in the extra effort, as she clearly had as well – gold lipstick and a leather bustier which I soon found out was covering up some carefully applied gold nipple gloss.

We happily greeted each other, and almost immediately after our initial embrace she declared that I was stressed out from travel, and that she should relax me with a massage and warm glass… which I’ll admit *was* quite relaxing. I had had it in my head on the way up there that I was going to ask to take her out to dinner, but before I even had a chance she was already on to desert, taking cartons of green apple and blackberry sorbet out of the freezer and hot fudge syrup out of the microwave, and before I knew it we had made sundaes out of each other and eaten as much as we could 🙂 I spent most of the next day in the shower with her while we washed chocolate out of our hair (above and below, lol) but I certainly wouldn’t want to complain about that either!

~Mme X~

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