Mind Fuck

Hello Gentlemen –

Just in case you hadn’t noticed – and I’m sure most of you have – I posted a new gallery of photos up this week for you to enjoy! I hope you like them 🙂 They were a lot of fun to make as well! I love taking photos… probably nearly half as much as I hate editing them. I don’t do much, but I do go in a bit and crop for composition (and privacy also – I swear I’m not really headless, lol) correct lighting where I can, balance the color channels, and convert the file format so I can upload it. I could do a ton of fancy stuff like add glitter and change the backdrop over to a nice, sunset bathed beach, but really I would rather achieve the better effect and save myself editing time by actually wearing the glitter or lounging on an actual beach, lol.

But, since I’m on the subject, let me say a few words about photo accuracy. First being – please don’t be an idiot. You have eyes, right? You’ve seen stuff with them, right? Hopefully enough to be able to draw reasonable conclusions about what you’re seeing, and perhaps venture educated guesses about how the same subject might look in different settings? Great! So don’t expect me to appear before you with harsh back lighting to my legs look pencil thin and my skin chalk-white. That only happens when I stand in an Eastern-facing window at 6am. And I’m not going to show up to your house covered in mud either. That only happens… well, under certain circumstances 🙂 Anyway, my point is that I like exposing my creativity as well as just exposing myself in general. There should be more than enough photos here to give you an *excellent* idea of what I really look like… at 6am, covered in mud, or wearing white stockings while sitting on your desk. The rest, I’m leaving up to your imagination… at least until I get motivated and edit more photos 🙂

And imagination goes a long way, doesn’t it? While I’m totally happy being myself and spending quality time getting to know you (intimately, I hope), I also enjoy letting our imaginations run a little wild to add an extra dimension of fun to our rendezvous. I’ll admit to being a bit of the cerebral sort, and while I do thoroughly enjoy banging your brains out over and over again, I also strongly believe that a little intellectual stimulation can lead to the most mind blowing orgasms 🙂 I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I’m into role play, especially with the right players! I have a slight fascination with all things theatrical – especially costumes. I have *so* many, it’s embarrassing how little closet space I have left, even though I have relatively small selection of street legal clothes! And a little odd considering that my favorite role to play is one with fairly few frills… your sexy secretary!

Even though I have never actually been a secretary (and I make a terrible employee, so no indecent proposals from you, lol) and most of my knowledge of what actually happens in an office comes from second hand info and sitcoms, I’ve kind of always wanted to be. Not to get too deep into the office dynamic, but the role of the secretary sort of straddles the line of the power dynamic. It’s a position of power because she has knowledge and control of all the details that run the office, and access to all the dirt necessary to derail things if she chooses. It’s also submissive position, because we all know that the secretary has no job to do aside from keeping up with her boss’s affairs, and all her hard work is for no reason other than to gain his approval (and to prove that she deserves to get a raise from him, lol). That delicious dichotomy is the perfect playground for some sensual play, IMO. Maybe it’s because I’m known as such a prude in my day job, the whole topic of workplace affairs is so terribly taboo for me. Maybe a few of you can relate… and even if you can’t, I’m sure you’ll find some sexy incentive to indulge me 🙂

In all the times that I’ve played the sexy secretary, no two scenarios were exactly (even remotely, now that I think of it) alike. One of my most memorable experiences was almost completely accidental – a gentleman and I had gone out together and were in the company of a few of his colleagues, and for lack of a better cover story I was introduced under the guise that I was his former secretary from a position that he had held a few years prior. Everything went quite smoothly through the evening… and we went through many, many positions over the course of the night 🙂 Fun times!

~Mme X~

I could go on forever, but really, I’d rather watch porn… enjoy!

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