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Hello Gentlemen –

Better late than never, happy New Year! 2010 has been a blast so far, and if the next 11 months follow the suit of this one, then it’s going to be a hell of a year. I tend to be insufferably optimistic though, and try to maintain a positive outlook whenever good common sense allows me to. Which thankfully, is often! Hope your 2010 has been and continues to be full of similar such good luck 🙂

As some of you may know and many of you may guess, I’m unshaven when it comes to my naughty bits. That’s for a variety of reasons, mostly that I don’t want to risk putting a razor so close to my most sensitive parts (carefully as we can be, accidents do happen – ouch!), and partially because I enjoy being a woman and want to *look* like a woman as well. Hairlessness has never appealed to me much… I usually prefer to opt for the close trim.

Until now! I’ve pretty much relaxed on my spa regimen lately (it’s a privacy thing, much like my slight aversion to psychotherapy… no one needs to know my personal dirt, like how often I remove callouses from my feet or what I really think about during sex, lol), but I still feel like treating myself to some special pampering every now and then. While ordinarily I might make do with a long soak in the tub accompanied by some candles, scented bath salts and one of my waterproof vibrators, this time I’m in the mood for novelty as well as luxury. So, I spent an hour or two perusing the internet for some ideas, and came across the Hi-Tech Spa in NYC. At first I was pretty disinterested, as their services seem to be centered around waxing and even more permanent hair-removal options… until I saw a banner on their page mentioning something called that Vajazzle… and obviously I was intrigued! If I were going to go hairless for any reason, this one looks like the best one I can find 🙂

Still, I think I’d rather find a nice girl with a beautifully bare pussy and test out my decorating skills that way though… I’m sure I’d discover some hidden artistic talent in myself given the right inspiration 🙂 So, I think I’m going to segue from spas into porn for the evening, to watch some pussy and daydream about decorating ideas…

~Mme X~

* this video is not porn, but it is hilarious! Still want porn? Scroll down to the next video 🙂 *

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2 Responses to “artistic eXXXpresion”

  1. Bernie Says:

    I think that a shaven pussy is not what is natural. Mme X dosen’t want to shave for fear of cutting or damaging the sacred area ( PUSSY ). Whatever Mme X wants she should get and
    I am ready to be an observer of the real thing. If Mme X ever wants to shave I will volunteer
    to protect her sacred area. or perform the duty ( Free ). GO SEX, I mean go sox.

  2. Matthew Says:

    As you know, I lost much of my hair to a natural condition. Keep the hair, it is natural!


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