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Hello Gentlemen –

I know, I wait far too long in between blog updates, lol. Well, take a number – apparently I’ve been letting a lot of stuff slide around here! I noticed today that my dog’s getting a little more chubby than usual, indicating that we need to do more hiking. This fall’s been a little busier than I anticipated, not that that’s ever a bad thing. After all, I have all winter to sleep it off 🙂

However, I unexpectedly had the day off today, and it’s not really hiking weather unfortunately 🙁 And, since I didn’t *know* my day was clear until a little while ago, I have no plans to except to enjoy the pleasure of my own company and make sure that my life is all in order and on the right track. Usually under these circumstances that translates into pleasuring myself with some of my favorite toys, and then going shopping for new ones 🙂

As if by divine providence, one of my friends sent me a link to a spectacular sale going on at the condom man store – 100 condoms for just under $20. While I am normally a sucker for buy-in-bulk deals, I’m also a bit leery of expiration dates… especially in sensitive matters such as these. Not one to let such a good deal get by me, I figured I’d do a quick search to see what fun I could have with these little buggers – other than the obvious, of course! So far, the findings have been quite hilarious.

Once the weather clears up and I’m finally able to get in some outdoor excursions, perhaps I should through a few in to my emergency kit just in case I get stranded somewhere overnight and need to keep warm?

I’m an avid gardener (or at least I love pretending), so this one seems right up my… alley? Anyway, I’ve finally found a houseplant that won’t die while I’m away on vacation! And it’s a great conversation piece as well –

I also cook! And Coke was on sale a few weeks ago – my pantry is full of it. I don’t really drink it, but I do boil it down to make BBQ sauce! But now, with 100 condoms, I have yet another use for it 🙂

If I can find a similar such deal on Magnums, then perhaps I can finally make a few hair ties that won’t break on me! Apparently, a few factories in China have been using such a technique for making hair elastics for a while, and the American consumer audience was none the wiser –
hair tiesWorst of all, closer inspection showed that some of these raw materials were actually *recycled*!

And while we’re on the subject of international imports, these ultra-authentic condoms are on sale in Japan, so *everyone* can enjoy having a big black dick, lol.

~Mme X~

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