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Hello Gentlemen –

Hope your weekend went well, mine definitely did 🙂 This week however, is suddenly going *much* differently than I had planned! It’s not overly positive or negative, really. On the up side, my day job is going well and treating me excellently, but on the down side… I won’t be in DC this week. I’m pretty disappointed by that, and I’m sure I’m not the only one? Next time, I’ll make it up to you for sure!

Instead, I’ll be in Boston on Tuesday, and will probably stay until Thursday at least. It’s a business thing, so while I’m always happy to meet you at the place of your choosing, I won’t be able to invite you over, as I’ll have colleagues annoyingly underfoot. Of course, everyone I work with knows that I’m a grown woman and entitled to make my own decisions, but I really don’t think that banging the bed against my boss’s wall is good professional conduct 🙂 If you would prefer to wait for an invitation rather than invite me out, there’s hope for you – I had actually planned to spend a few days in town with my girlfriend *next* week, as we have a social engagement to attend, and dresses to buy for such an occasion. We’ll probably pick up matching panties as well… but you’ll have to catch us after the party to find out what they look like! She’s got to run off for the weekend, but we should be in town together from the 6th – 9th. Anyway, I’ll be updating the calendar in a minute or two (and if you’re reading this, then it’s most likely done already), so you can find out exactly what my Boston itinerary is. Of course, if you see a day you’d like in between my trips, you’re always welcome to get in touch to fill in my gap!

I’m also looking to get back to Maine, things went well last time, both work and pleasure 🙂 You’ll see me again up there soon! Portland definitely, and perhaps Bangor as well.

One of my old friends recently asked me if I still smoke (cigarettes, lol), and of course my knee-jerk reaction is to say no, and that I quit when I left school. It’s true, I no longer smoke habitually now that I have a better job that doesn’t make me want to use nicotine as an excuse to get out of my office for a few minutes (It’s interesting that one can crave smoke and fresh air at the same time, lol). But to say the I *never* smoke, that would be a lie. After a few drinks out with friends, a cigarette can be pretty neat – although I usually get bored of it and put it out before the end, depending on my level of intoxication. And after sex? I’m sure even those who *never* smoke can understand the satisfaction of the post-coital cigarette.

Still, I enjoy smoking as an art (and I enjoy the art in most things – I’m needlessly appreciative of many mundane aspects of life, lol) and will indulge occasionally. I have a collection of cigarette holders of varying lengths, antique lighters from the 20’s and 40’s, and cigarette cases galore. The imagery of smoking appeals to me, probably a result of spending way to much time watching old film-noir movies where femmes-fatale wrap their richly colored lips around long thin cigarette holders and bat their mascara-laden eyelashes, shadowed by clouds of smoke. Smoking is a habit of pure decadence, just like all the pearls, furs and opera length suede gloves (I have so many pairs of opera gloves, and I don’t even like opera) that are always so popular in cinematic smoking scenes. And as long as you can keep your mind off of the long term health impact of inhaling smoke, it can be pretty hot to watch a woman with a cigarette – actually, it’s pretty hot to watch most women do *anything* with their mouths, really. But women can smoke in public!

I have a couple guy friends that smoke, and one in particular… while all of my guy friends are really only friends (I’m a wikid tomboy, but I hope most of you can agree that I clean up pretty well?) I do have one that I wonder about sometimes… only when he smokes though. He blows quite the array of smoke rings! Circles, squares, blowing circles *through* squares – it’s pretty impressive. It gets my mind wandering off down dangerously naughty paths – that must be an amazing tongue he’s hiding in that mouth! And he does have a gorgeous smile as well 🙂 But then he’ll stub out his cigarette and probably scratch his balls or something equally as unsexy, and ask me whether or not I have plans for Saturday as he could use a hand pulling the engine out of his truck or bathing his herd of dogs, and my mind snaps right back to where it should be, lol.

Really though, I’ve only got my mind on this topic because I was watching this video… I’m sure you can understand. Normally I’m not one for large and/or fake boobs, but these look rather nice!

~Mme X~

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