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First off, let me gently remind you that gossip is not the most enjoyable vice to indulge in… and there’s certainly no need for it. If you have a question about me, you’re welcome to ask me personally, and you’ll probably get a better answer than if you just ask a bunch of random dudes on a message board somewhere.

And Hello Gentlemen!

Summer sure has picked up nicely, hasn’t it? I’ve been having a fantastic time running in and out of places that may or may not have cell phone service… I love the outdoors! Still, there’s only a few short weeks to catch up on all the fun that got rained away during June, so I haven’t had the chance to revisit all of my favorite spots… Although I might have an extra excuse to go to Upstate NY in the very near future? We’ll see.

Aside from that, I’ve been happily enjoying a pretty leisurely August, which is a welcome break from the non-stop suicide of a schedule that I had to put up with for most of July. But I can’t complain really, as I like my mainstream career a great deal… it’s just important to me that I get to take time out every once in a while to take care of my *personal* needs as well. Thanks for making all that possible, guys 🙂 Although I think that I need to take time out a little more often, as my doctor has found what looks to be tendinitis developing in my left elbow, and I *am* left handed in at least one of my many activities… He kept asking me what repetitive motion I’d been doing to create such a problem. While I *know* I should be 100% honest with my doctor so that he can do his job properly and ensure that I stay in good health, I just could *not*, for whatever reason, admit to him that I masturbate. Often. Perhaps Excessively. Although somehow, I think he knows… I’m a terrible liar. Anyhow, I’m to limit repetitive activities for a while, or at least wear the elbow brace he gave me. Anyone want to take over my pussy rubbing for a little bit? I need to investigate some ergonomically correct vibrators… and if I recall correctly, the Hitachi Magic Wand has a few attachments that could significantly reduce the stress on certain joints!

My schedule is pretty much my own for a little bit (aside from my trip to the West Indies next week, during which I look forward to giving my time to someone else!), so I’ll be running around Western MA for the most part. There is some business I need to attend to in Concord at some point, so don’t be surprised to see me up there sometime soon – and you might find me up in Conway as well, where the diving is spectacular right now 🙂

Have a good night!

~Mme X~

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