The post holiday post

Hello Gentlemen –

What a fantastic year it’s been, hasn’t it? Well, not completely… but it did certainly have it’s high points 🙂 I hope all of you got exactly what you wanted for Christmas, though I do apologize for not being able to curl up under everyone’s tree, lol.

I myself got an *amazing* XXXmas present this year.  Being as it’s truly better to give than receive, I knew one of my favorite gentlemen had a birthday coming up, and as he’s already unwrapped this particular present several times I wanted to do something special, something to highlight a common interest that we have… and of course, something that I hadn’t already given him (so oral sex is out of the picture, at least for the moment, lol). What to do? I needed something special, something really sexy, something that said without question that we both deserve hours of erotic pleasure and would ensure that we’d get it…

OMG, not just *something*, *someone*! I knew exactly who to call. As a matter of fact, I’d been searching for an excuse to call her for years – Kassidy!

Lol, it’s not that I’m overly shy (I am, but just a bit), but even though I’ve been Kassidy’s admirer since we first met way back in the day at the Casino (where we will be again soon – more on that in a minute), but I do keep rather busy, and it’s obvious to anyone that Kassidy does as well. Quite the traveler, that lady! Our paths kept crossing as we ran through New England, but like two ships passing in the night we were never both in the same place at the same time long enough to properly introduce ourselves to one another, let alone get to know each other biblically 🙂

Not that I didn’t think about it, often. She’s much more than simply *hot*. Such gorgeous eyes, a super sweet smile, skin like chocolate silk, legs for days and an ass I could slap all night (a bit too graphic? Sorry, not sorry). Of course, all that I could tell by looking at her. After years of quick half conversations as we found ourselves at the same parties for a few minutes here and there, I also quickly gathered that she’s an amazing woman. Brilliantly eloquent, but still less talk than action. In case you haven’t guessed, I’m a fan! So, I decided to cross her off *my* wishlist and invite her to come with me to give ourselves to a very lucky birthday boy 🙂

Since it’s not only my story to tell, lol, I’ll leave the dirty details to your devious minds and just say that I believe a happy birthday was had by all… though I must say that I think this is a gift that will keep on giving 🙂 What I knew was going to be an amazing night turned into a fantastic weekend, and Kassidy and I had a blast together! We even threw together an impromptu XXXmas photoshoot, which you can see in my slightly unseasonable blog photos here.

Thinking you might need to reclaim a little holiday cheer for yourself, and hoping for a double serving of hot chocolate? Feel free to get a hold of either of us, and maybe we can arrange to come jingle your bells 🙂

I have my 2014 calendar now, so let’s start filling it!

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