Go ahead, Fall for it!

Hello Gentlemen!

I’m still firmly in denial that summer’s over… but it’s been a beautiful autumn this year, so I suppose it could be much worse. It feels like just yesterday (or maybe last blog post, lol) I was roasting in the sun all day and enjoying afternoon cookouts with the neighbors, and now I’m wondering whether or not someone’s magically going to come and rake my leaves for me, or if I’ve got to do it myself again. Even though it doesn’t feel like it, a lot has happened between here and there!

First off, I took my first cruise. It was awesome (thanks so much) and I can’t wait to do it again! And, I visited my first non-Jamaica Caribbean island. I don’t know if all the others are as nice as Bermuda, but I was very much impressed! I lost a day-job coworker a few years ago to a Bermudan man, and it was nice to be able to visit her – I can very much see why she doesn’t miss Boston all that much. It was hard coming back as it was, knowing that I was leaving all that tropical weather behind me and coming back to a quickly cooling New York Harbor…

Luckily, the weather’s been holding up here since. I already crossed my annual hiking expedition off of my list, but I’ve got one (yes, *one* – the day job’s been a bit oppressive lately) free weekend left this fall and I’m anxious to use it to it’s fullest potential. I was thinking Albany… but then again it’s a beautiful ride up to Burlington this time of year… I’m not sure. Maybe you can make up my mind for me? My travel dates are 11/2-11/5.

Speaking of autumnal reds, I did find myself lucky enough to come back to a pleasant surprise. My ex fling and her gorgeous red hair – above and below – are back in the area for the fall, and indefinitely. Apparently it didn’t work out with that hideous troll she moved down to TX for (who would’ve guessed?) and so she’s back to regroup and get her head on straight before she heads out onto the dating scene again.

Of course, I was happy to help her get her clothes on straight before she left my house in the morning 🙂

I’d use my travel time to head up to Winnipesauke to check out some foliage and my redhead’s cleavage again… but we never crossed the line from hooking up to hooked, so I of course never told her about what I’m doing here with all of you 🙂 She’s mentioned a few men in her past though, which makes me think of asking her to join me for at least one more… maybe, we’ll see. She’s a wild one, though. Any minute now I’m sure she’s going to run off across time zones with someone else, since she says I’m way too girly for her.

I know you guys probably do, but *I* don’t really think of myself as a girly girl. Yes, I cook, clean, and occasionally even decorate with fresh flowers. I am inconsolably terrified of bugs, especially spiders. I shave my legs and armpits regularly, and have even been known to wear makeup, dresses, and heels without a special occasion to go along with it… but that’s about the extent of my girliness, I think. I mean, I’m a woman and enjoy being one, but I’m not overly *girly*, am I?

Oh, and I did feel my self get noticeably wet while shoe shopping yesterday. I guess that is wikid girly. But to be fair, I did not expect it. You must see these shoes.

Seeing my favorite female firecrotch again did remind me that I also have to get my head straight and get back on the scene… tell me guys, where are all the gorgeous, no too too femme, but still pleasantly feminine, drama free (unlike that girl, for sure) bisexual chicks hiding these days? I appreciate your suggestions, and your introductions!

Speaking of amazing introductions, I will be in CT again soon 🙂 Looking forward to meeting you again…

To celebrate the end of summer, I decided to decorate this blog post with pictures of me au naturel out in nature! So hard to say goodbye to yesterday, isn’t it?

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