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Hello Gentlemen –

Wow, my intentions to post more were definitely well meant, but poorly executed! What can I say, life has been wonderfully busy over here, with just enough time to relax to enjoy the past few sunny days. Oddly, I haven’t been to the beach yet for the year, though you can be sure that I’ll be looking to change that very shortly 🙂 By now, you should know it doesn’t take much to get me to head to the coast on a nice sunny day, or a warm summer night, so don’t be shy.

So, what’s been keeping me so busy? Just the usual – school, work, an assortment of fun adventures, and of course you wonderful gentlemen. Oh, and the world’s shortest romance ever. Okay, maybe not ever (Romeo and Juliet fell in love and died for one another over the span of a week – Italians, you know how they can get), but certainly less than epic. Just like the unending, uneventful drama of Tristan and Iseult, we eventually let it go because she just simply lived too far away and with too many ties to her local area to let anything meaningful develop over here. Obviously she could easily say the same about me. It’s a shame because she was totally a cutie, and a redhead to boot! And very good in bed as well, when I we could coordinate schedules well enough to get there. She pretty much echoed my sentiments on men (we love you guys! Who wouldn’t love interactive sex toys?) and I’m sure that you would have loved her. Unfortunately, we just didn’t get far enough into things for you to come up, so I guess now she’ll never know about all the fun times she missed out on… a tear on her behalf. You guys are awesome!

I’m not really upset that it’s over, but it is a little unsettling to realize that she was the closest thing I’ve had to an actual girlfriend in years :/ It’s much harder than you might think to find hot sexual dynamos who insatiably lust equally after cock and pussy, while deeply craving both at the same time. Even harder to find sane ones! And then the challenge of finding girls who fit the above criteria who will also put up with me (I try to be easy to deal with, but apparently I’m not quite so easy…) pretty much lowers my odds to lottery level. Please gentlemen, find me some hot, horny, bisexual women to play with. I’ve tried, but I simply can not suck my own nipples. Besides, you boys have excellent taste 🙂

While beggars can’t be choosers (I know what you’re thinking, we women always find a way to be both), I do ask you to examine the above criteria. Hot – beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I’m happy to take a look 🙂 Horny – I’ve come to the conclusion that it may very well be just me, but I’m a very sexually active woman. I’m always on the lookout for partners of either gender to help me test my limits! There’s a reason that my time table starts at 3 hours, and it’s to give *you* an opportunity to tap out. I’d like a girl to tag team with!

Bisexual – This is the big one. And unfortunately, that’s a hard one for you to gauge being that you have entirely the wrong anatomy to do so (your big, hard anatomy is much better suited for other tasks), so I can’t hold it against you. However, it is well known that one of the biggest pet peeves for a girl who loves girls is finding herself in bed with a woman who doesn’t really like women. Especially when there’s a man watching, and the straight girl in disguise is just there to impress him, and bi girl is the one that’s going to have be doing all the work to help her accomplish her goal without even getting a good lick out of it. Even worse for a lady in this lifestyle, who could easily find herself in bed with a showoff straight girl who is not even so much into men either… thankfully my luck has been better than that nearly every time.

I love really bisexual girls 🙂 And not “really bi” like on the archaic TER profiles, I mean *really* bi. Girls that love feeling boobs on their faces for hours, kissing soft girly lips, stroking thighs – and would not consider the night over without getting into the harder stuff like tribbing and fisting. Girls that would eat pussy for lunch if they weren’t afraid their coworkers would steal it out of the breakroom fridge. Extra bonus if they can’t wait to share a cock with me! Share does not mean take turns, btw. If you’ve ever had a *good* threesome (and I know without a doubt that some of you have!) then that’s not news to you.

I’ve had several “duo partners” and, sorry to say it, I’m really not much looking for another gay for pay girl… unless it’s that stunning lesbian with a financial fetish (it shouldn’t shock you that there are several women like that in this lifestyle, and so I hear they do wonderful things to a man and his money) that Brianna was nice enough to introduce me to at Lucky’s – please bring her back! I will certainly settle for duos partner in her case 🙂

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