Questions? Answers!

I highly suggest you read through these, and see if your question can become an answer. If you’re still puzzled, you’re welcome to email me

What is the best way to contact you?
If I haven’t heard from you before, then the best way to introduce yourself is through the contact form. Generally though, I’m best reached through email.

When can I visit you?
Short answer? You can’t, only because I don’t usually provide incall. Although I’m more than happy to meet you at the location of your choosing!
While traveling I may have accommodations suitable for guests, but that is quite the exception. You’re more than welcome to keep an eye on my calendar and join my mailing list to stay perfectly up to date with those opportunities!

How much notice do you need to arrange an encounter?
The more notice that you give me, the more likely it is that I’ll be able to organize my schedule to accommodate you. I hate to rush, and want to make sure that I have nothing on my mind but making sure that we enjoy ourselves together! I do understand that not everyone has the luxury of a predictable schedule, but I at least need enough time to hear back from your references.
If I’ve already met you, then obviously there’s no need to wait for that! You’re welcome to send me an email or call to see what I’m up to, and maybe we can go get up to something. However, if I haven’t seen you before and you’re looking for an appointment within 24 hours, then perhaps there are other ladies on your list that you could consider seeing instead.

What cities do you usually travel to?
I like to be at home in the Western MA area, but I’m often found in Hartford, NYC, Washington DC and pretty much all over. The calendar should be able to give you a better idea of my travel tendencies.

Are you shaved?
Hmm… I’ve only shaved my head once (it was a long time ago), but I shave my legs daily. Between my legs? Not nearly as often. Quite rarely, in fact.

Do you speak Greek?
Honestly, I’m not big on code-words and acronyms. Who do you think you’re fooling, anyway? But this question comes up *so* much that I wonder exactly what the fascination is with this small Mediterranean country… I’ve heard that Croatia is just as beautiful, with half the commercialism attached.
But, I will say that I enjoy a wide range of activities, and have come across very little that I won’t do, or at least try, as long as the intent of all involved is to have a good time, and a good time can be had by all. Really, to me the question is – do *you* speak Greek? After all, turnabout is fair play…

I wish there were two of you…
So do I, but there’s nothing I can do about that… although I do have a friend or two that could come over and help complete your fantasy of having two beautiful women wrapped around you at once!

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